Lifestyle: How do we say “I love you?”

Mother’s Day is in just over a week and if like me, you’re struggling to find something that she will love then you might want to consider flowers. Most women love a bunch of flowers, I don’t think I know anybody that would be upset to receive them, they can instantly brighten up a room and make you feel happier and they are the perfect gift to say “I love you”. Flying Flowers have recently produced an infographic with a lot of surprising information about our gift giving habits when it comes to flowers.

  • 50% of women are more likely to buy flowers for Mother’s Day than any other occasion. That tops birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.
  • 83% of people associate the classic red rose with love, which is why there are a lot of sales of roses around February 14th but they also make an excellent Mother’s Day gift too.
  • Women are more likely to spend over £50 a year on flowers and they are more likely to be in the 35 – 44 age range.
  • In the UK, Northerners spend more money on flowers each year than Southerners.
  • 90% of men would buy their partner flowers to say “I love you.”

You can view the full infographic here, some of the stats might surprise you!

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving a bunch of flowers. It doesn’t matter where they’re from or what the occasion is, they’re always guaranteed to make me smile. It’s been a while since anybody bought me a bouquet but my favourite types of flowers are tulips and roses.


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