We all run into financial difficulties, whether the problem is debt repayments, bills or simply making your pay check stretch to the end of the month. However, finding a bit of extra cash can be a lot easier than you might’ve thought. You need to be resourceful and creative, and with the right plan, you’ll be able to turn it around.

Sell Some Old Possessions

Many people will suggest buying cheaper things, and this can be a great way to save money. For example, if you need new clothes then it might be worth shopping at charity or vintage shops and markets, where you can pick up stylish garments for a fraction of the price you’d expect. However, you can also sell some of your things that you have laying around the house taking up space. Have you or your partner given up on a hobby or interest you’ve had since childhood, like fishing or horse riding? Equipment for interests like these is expensive and there will be hundreds of others looking for a cheap deal on it.

Have a look in your basement, garage or attic, and create a profile for yourself on eBay. You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll make in only a little time – and also there’s the extra space you’ll have in your house, which can be just as valuable.


Avoid Unnecessary Waste

This can be similar to a second income if you do it right. You’re probably spending far more on your weekly shop than you need to, for starters. Cook more meals from scratch and buy less frozen or pre-prepared dinners, and you’ll find you’re eating both cheaper and healthier. Most of us also spend far too much when we visit friends and relatives.

Try going to supermarkets half an hour before they close, you’ll often be able to pick up discounted items that they’re trying to sell before the sell-by date passes.


Rent Out Your Driveway

You may not have a car, or you may have been blessed with an extra large driveway you never fully utilise. Therefore, consider renting out your parking space through a website such as YourParkingSpace who will manage the whole process for you, or Gumtree if you’re happy to rent privately. If you live in busy cities such as Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow or London, then you’re bound to have visitors flocking to your house for the day or weekend.


Sell Your Skills

Most of us have some private passion or other that we lack the confidence to pursue. It could be dance, art, gardening, decorating, design, writing – it might be that you know all about the local history – whatever it is, put yourself out there. There are businesses all over the country looking for someone with just your skills, and you can locate them in a number of ways. You’d be surprised how effective cold calling can be, for example, over the phone or in person. Make a list of businesses in your area who you think could use someone like you, and make contact with all of them. It could be that it only takes a day to get set up with a new source of income. Also, ask your friends and family if they need anyone with your talents, or if they know anyone who needs someone like you.

Alternatively, if networking is a little daunting from day one you can instead home your skills by selling them on websites such as Freelancer.com and TaskRabbit. These are excellent avenues to hone your skills and build confidence.



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