Lifestyle: Can a girly girl bet?

Recently, I’ve been thinking of ways to make a bit more money and whenever I mention this someone always seems to suggest betting. I’ve never placed a bet in my life as first of all, I wouldn’t know how and secondly, all of the betting shops I’ve ever seen or been in have scared me a bit. You usually find that betting shops/bookmakers are full of old men swearing and shouting at the horses or whatever they’re betting on and the atmosphere just isn’t one that I’ve enjoyed and have wanted to be a part of. However, with the internet being so brilliant, you can now place bets online so this is something that I have been looking into.

When I was at university, one of my best friends Russell was really into betting. He would always go and put a couple of quid on the horses each week and I once gave him £2 which he managed to turn into £10 for me. I have no idea how he did it and I never liked going into those places with him, but if I could manage to do it online that would be brilliant! I’ve never thought that betting would be something that I could do and it was more of a man’s game, but obviously that’s ridiculous. Betting is for everyone and with the introduction of betting websites anyone can do it (as long as you’re over 18 of course!) and it can be a fun way to pass some time as long as you remember to always bet responsibly.

While I’m trying to save up a bit of money so I can go back to university in September, I’m definitely going to have a look at betting online as well as all of my other ways to make a bit of extra cash. I seem to have a bit of a problem with spending money, so to be able to win some back would be great and I can ask my friend Russell to help me out with my first few bets as he really knows what he is doing. 


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