Going to university in your first year is very exciting and a little daunting – everything is new and there’s a lot to get used to.  When your first year finished and you relax for the summer to prepare for the second year, it might seem that it is a lot easier second time around; and some ways, it is but in your second-year studies get a lot more serious and this means you need to be more prepared before the term starts.

Sort out your accommodation early

Whether you are sticking with the same kind of accommodation idea as your first year or going for something different, the key is to organise it early.  When you talk to accommodation specialists, they will tell you that the earlier the better if you want to have the first choice of the types of accommodation on offer.  Once the first year students get their confirmation about grades, the market will get very busy. So, as a second year student, you can get in first before this starts to get the kind of property you want.

Keep involved with your activities

Many students in the past have noted a bit of a slump in the second year when the size of the task at hand hits home and studies start to get a lot more intensive.  This is when the activities away from class that you started in the first year are going to be very important, a way to take a break from it all and change your surroundings.  If you didn’t get involved with much in your first year, make sure you do in your second year as those leisure time activities are crucial for overall balance.

Use the help available

Another thing students have mentioned is that there is a shock about the increasing workload and how subjects become more complicated.  If you feel this then it is important to use the facilities on offer at the university to get help and advice rather than trying to muddle through yourself.  Every university has staff on hand to help if you are struggling whether academically, emotionally or with any other aspect of your life – don’t be afraid to reach out and make use of them.

Take care of yourself

As a first-year student, you might feel a little invincible – you’ve made it to university, you are living on your own or with housemates and you are running your own life.  But it is easy to forget some of the basics of taking care of yourself and this can catch up with you.  A good diet, exercise and good basic self-care regime is crucial to keeping yourself fit and healthy during your second year.

Best preparation

Preparing yourself during the summer for the year ahead is good practices no matter what year of your studied you are in.  With many people experiencing a slump of sorts in their second year, preparation becomes even more important to avoid being one of them or to deal with it if it does hit you.  That way you stay on top of things, keep healthy and active and continue to work towards your degree with success.


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