Lifestyle: 8 Things Every Woman Should Own at Some Point in Her Life

As a woman grows older and more secure in her sense of self, there are certain items that are testament to having reached maturity as a woman and having a life well lived. The following are 8 essentials that should be in your possession at some point.

1. One First Edition Copy of a Favorite Book
Owning a piece of history evokes many feelings, especially when the item is a favorite story, or a book by a beloved author. First editions are beautiful, unique possessions that can remind you of the first place you read that book, and how far you’ve come since then. Although this sounds like an expensive option, depending on the book, first editions can sometimes be found at bargain prices, and the search for a desired volume becomes part of the joy of owning it in the end. Books can be transformative, taking us to a different place, and introducing us to characters who soon become beloved. By owning a first edition, you will have a piece of history that is significant to your own life journey.
2. Love letters from a misguided love affair
Moving beyond bad romantic choices is all part of becoming an adult. Escaping a questionable youthful love affair mostly unscathed can be a reminder in maturity of the wonder of love and romance . Young romance often doesn’t turn into the ‘long haul’ relationship in your life, but there is something special about looking back on a fling that was very exciting in the moment. Being able to appreciate a fun affair, after you’ve moved on, will help keep you warm at night. It might even remind you about the silly romantic gestures that can make your current marriage or long term relationship feel new again!
3. Home Movies
Time spent with friends and family are some of the best parts of life, and having mementos of those cherished moments will be a much appreciate possession later in life. Creating digital home movies from personal photos and phone videos is a way to upgrade your memories to something lasting and sharable.
4. A Personal Massager
Knowing what makes us feel good as women, is a discovery worth pursuing. Purchasing a personal massager or vibrator from an online store is a discreet way to really explore your pleasure spots and challenge any self-consciousness you have about your body and your sexuality. Once you’re an expert in your own sensuality, using a pleasure toy with a partner can add a bit of spice to your love life. If you’ve never owned one, now may be the time!
5. A Knock-Out Dress Appropriate for Black Tie Events
Knowing that you can knock a date’s socks off, or turn heads when you enter a room is a feeling we all should experience at least once in our lives. Owning a black tie dress that makes you feel like a princess or movie star is a must have for the woman who knows that feeling confident is oftentimes more important than feeling beautiful.
6. At Least One Piece of Good Furniture
Owning a solid piece of furniture is a worthwhile goal for any woman. Some of us are lucky enough to have inherited an important family heirloom, or stumbled upon a great piece at an estate sale. Finding a table or antique chair, or whatever speaks to you, is another acquisition where the search can provide as much satisfaction as the ownership of the piece. Antique estate sales, charity shops, and vintage outlets can be a treasure trove of covetable items.
7. Artwork That Makes You Feel Good Every Time You See It
Collecting art is not just an activity for billionaires, and owning a great piece of art is an attainable goal for everyone. Art fairs, and student exhibitions are the places that the next talented stars of the art world are exhibiting their works today. To start your journey of art acquisition. It is not important to buy art that is valuable, what you are looking for is a piece that makes you feel good when you look at it.
A visual reminder of everything that you love about your life. Finding a piece that you want to live with, that will enrich your everyday life, is much more important that obtaining a critically acclaimed piece that does not give you an emotional reaction. Take a look at these art buying tips if you’ve never done it before.
8. A Trinket or Two from Travel Adventures
All women must have adventures in their lives, be they traveling around the globe, or exploring her own town, it is important to always be out there experiencing new and exciting things. If travel is your passion, be sure to collect a few items on your adventures that recreate some of the feelings that you had in those far-flung places. Travel journals are also great to have when you want to recall the treasured memories of visits and discoveries that you have made.
Of course, every woman is unique, and her touchstones are her own. Consider this list a starting off point to think about the treasured items in your life, your cherished memories, and the adventures yet to come.


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  1. June 24, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    I have 2, 4, 7 and 8-so I’m part way there! Definitely need a house before I find my amazing piece of furniture but I really agree with you on that-I want a beautiful snuggly chair for my living room.

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