Lifestyle: 5 easy ways to bring summer into your décor this year

Summer is on the horizon, and after the spring clean you’ve just gone through, you’re probably wondering how you can bring the vibrancy and fun of the summer months into your surroundings. There are many ways you can play with your décor that doesn’t involve completely starting over – here are my top five tips

Bring the outside inside

On those rare sunny days, you’ll want to spend as much time outside with the family as possible. When it’s time to come in for the evening, why not extend your outside space into the living room, by bringing in forest and woodland touches. Use flowers that blend in with the colours in your living space to give it a fresher feel, as well as taller plants and bamboo to make those nooks and crannies feel less dull. When shopping for accessories for your room, stick to earthen tones while wooden lamps, tables and vases will add a natural dimension.

Go with a theme

If you’re the minimalistic type with pale colours on your walls, a few choice accessories in the right places will help you to create a theme for your living space, which is easily changeable with the seasons. You could go for a seaside vibe, sticking to pastel, beach-hut colours and using scented candles that are reminiscent of walks along the promenade. Or go nautical, highlighting red, blue and white colours instead.

Change up your furnishings

Whether you go for a theme or not, it’s your soft furnishings that will make the most impact, and they’re relatively inexpensive to pick up. If you’re just looking to inject some summer colours to your room, go for bold patterns in your soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and curtains. Don’t forget about your storage either; if you normally use boxes that are plain in colour, these can be swapped for wooden boxes to accentuate a garden theme, or cover them with a colourful textile cut instead.  

Swap your centrepieces

Dining tables, mantelpieces and coffee tables are focal points of a room, so make sure you give their centrepieces a summery twist. You could use a simple arrangement of fruits and vegetables, or take things a little further and create bespoke terrariums using your favourite flowers and succulents. Or, if you went for a seaside theme, swap the soil for sand and create a miniature beach.

Use wall art to your advantage

Finally, whatever you have on your walls will totally transform the mood of a room, so use that to your advantage and swap your current prints for something in keeping with the colour or theme you’ve picked for your space. If you’ve tried to incorporate a seaside theme, how about creating some canvas prints online from your family holiday snaps? Not only will it make the space feel more fun, but it adds a nice personal touch – I’m sure the kids will be only too happy to help you decide on a photo.

What summer homeware have you been buying?


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