Lifestyle: 30 before 30


As I’m getting closer to 30, I’ve found myself thinking about how much I still have left to do. I don’t really have a bucket list, but there’s still so many places I want to travel to, so many things I want to experience, so many activities I want to do. I’ve decided to set myself a goal of 30 things to do before I’m 30 (on October 5th 2019) and hopefully I can cross most, if not all of these off the list when I hit the big 3-0.

  • Be a published writer
  • Go on a long haul flight
  • Visit Rome and Pompeii
  • Spend a weekend in Edinburgh
  • Learn how to ski and perhaps going on a skiing holiday with Iglu Ski
  • See Arcade Fire live
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Visit 5 new museums
  • Buy my first car
  • Visit the USA
  • Have my photo taken with Winnie The Pooh at Walt Disney World
  • Get a flat with my boyfriend
  • Visit the Magical World of Harry Potter
  • Host a dinner party
  • Run a 10k
  • Find my dream job
  • Pay off my credit card debt
  • Get another (larger) tattoo
  • Join a gym and actually go regularly
  • Get a cat with my boyfriend
  • Learn how to crochet
  • Move away from Birmingham
  • Read 50 books in a year
  • Do the Harry Potter studio tour
  • Travel alone to a new country
  • See The National live again
  • Visit 3 new countries in Europe
  • Apply for a Masters degree
  • Save £5,000
  • See another musical in London

Do you have a list of things you want to achieve before your next milestone birthday?



  1. April 25, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    Great post, I’m so tempted to do one myself (less than three years to go). Good luck and I hope you cross everything off your list! =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  2. April 26, 2016 / 3:53 pm

    Let’s do Rome and Edinburgh!?!! Two places I am obbsessed with going this year! haha! xo

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