When you or your partner gets a job abroad that they simply cannot pass up, there are only a few options left. You can either go together and make a new life, or you can split up. The only in-between option here is if the placement is temporary, in which case a long-distance relationship can be the best solution. Moving abroad is a huge step, and if you choose to move abroad together there are a few key things that you need to do in order to make the most of it.

Always Visit Beforehand

When it comes to moving abroad, you should always have an idea of what you are getting into before you go. A great way to do this is to visit before you move. That way both you and your partner can see how you fit into this new place, can scope your local haunts, and can even find a list of things to do and join. If the place is agreeable for both of you, that’s great! All that is left is to pick your favourite neighbourhood and to find a place that suits you both. To start, this will probably mean renting, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make your new place a home for the both of you.

Make Your New Place Home

Once you move in, there are a few steps left to do before you can start enjoying your new routine. The first is to enrol in language classes, and the second is to start getting out there and making friends. To do both, you will need to find what is available in your area. If you don’t feel comfortable enough right away to join groups of native speakers, try to join expat groups online and make friends with those who are in the same boat as you. Regardless of what group you fit in to, you owe it to yourself to learn your new country’s language. This will make your everyday life easier and help you integrate more fully into your new home.

What to Do If It Doesn’t Work Out

Of course, not everything will always work out. Moving abroad is a big step, and it can cause a lot of internal pressure on your relationship. If that pressure results in separation or, in the case of marriage, divorce can be complicated. If the latter seems like the only option, hiring an international divorce solicitor is key, because the rules may not be what you are used to and, more importantly, your visa status will be in question. Hiring a specialist in this area can clear up the confusion and help you get the result that you want.

Moving abroad is a huge step for anyone, whether you and your partner are alone or you have children, which is why it comes with so many changes and challenges to overcome. Work through these changes together and try to be understanding and respectful of any problems that you face. You need to be a team, because until you start making new connections, your partner is all that you have.  


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