This time of year is often very stressful for a lot of people. If you’re in school, college or university then you will know that it is exam season. At the moment, I have a couple of deadlines that I’m working on to finish my Masters degree and I’ve been getting really stressed out. I had a little break in Luxembourg, however that ended up being really stressful due to flight cancellations! I’ve been trying to relax and chill out when at home but I think that what I really need is a spa day. If you’re struggling you could consider a Physics tutor.¬†

I’ve been thinking about what I really need to relax and I will be checking out the latest spa deals on Groupon. I’ve never been to a spa before, so I think that finishing my Masters degree is a great excuse for me to go to one. Don’t you?

Back Massage

I’ve only ever had one massage before, but I really enjoyed it. I would love to have another one as I suffer with a lot of back pain and currently have a trapped nerve in my shoulder. A proper back massage would really help me to relax and would be great to get rid of those aches and pains. I’ve always wanted to treat myself to a full, hour long back and neck massage.


I’ve had one facial before but it was just a short one and I didn’t get the full experience. I think that my face would definitely enjoy a bit of pampering and a facial would be amazing. I do a lot of face masks at home, but I don’t think anything could be as good as a proper facial. There’s nothing quite like the smell of those luxury oils that they use on your face. Facials involve a massage which has many benefits to your face. This can help to relax facial muscles which in turn can help to prevent wrinkles. We’ve all seen those videos of the pimple poppers online – you can ask for blackhead extraction during a facial as well if that’s what you’re into.

Floatation Tank

I’ve read a lot about floatation tanks on the internet and they sound so relaxing. The idea is that you enter a tank of warm saline water and as you lie there floating, you drift off into a blissful state. You can stay in the tank for up to an hour and so many people have said that the time just flies by. I think that this is something I could definitely do with after having so many stressful deadlines! Floatation tanks are also supposed to be really good for your anxiety.


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