Choosing the right bed for you and or your partner is an important decision. You need to think about a few options before you finally select your bed. Type of mattress and firmness of mattress is the most important consideration. Then you can either purchase in store or online.

Mattress firmness

This relates to the softness and hardness of a mattress and how much it gives as you lay down. A soft mattress gives much more than a firmer mattress and can offer less support. The best way to decide on firmness level is to go to the store and try some beds out.

Lay down, roll over and wriggle around on each mattress until you find one that you feel comfortable with. Firmness tends to be fairly standard across all manufacturers.

Type of mattress

This is mainly your personal preference but can be decided on your sleeping position.

Latex mattress

Made solely from latex foam this is a comfortable mattress that is responsive, comfortable, cooling and can be bouncy. Latex foam is breathable and hard wearing and is better for people with allergies to dust mites as they can’t live in the foam.

Can have a solid feel and are often heavy and awkward to move. Don’t go for a cheaper version as they won’t last as long and can become lumpy.

Memory Foam Mattress

Made from memory foam they have great support and can offer pressure relief as it absorbs your weight as you lay down, due to the added supporting properties. Newer versions not as hot as older models.

Some people feel like they are wrapped in the foam. You either like it or you don’t. Awkward to move as heavy.

Not all memory foam has the same qualities so avoid cheaper versions as you won’t get that supportive hug.

Spring coil mattress (inner spring)

This is possibly the most well known and widely used mattress on the market. The coils give support and comfort to your body while you sleep. Good air circulation through the mattress can be cold in winter. These mattresses often come with a base to match.

These are lighter and less expensive mattresses than latex and memory foam though a cheap version could wear out quickly.

Pocket spring mattress

Unlike the coil mattress each spring is independent of the others and in its own pocket. Your body weight is evenly distributed over the springs so your partner is less disturbed as you move.

Often a heavy mattress and filled with lamb’s wool so not good for people with allergies to wool. These usually come as an ensemble with a base that matches the mattress.

Pillow top mattress

This can be made of any material but there is a pillow like top on the mattress for added comfort. Can be hot as you sink into cushioning.

Adjustable bed

If you have a medical condition that requires a specific sleeping position or you like to read in bed, a bed with a foam mattress that bends like a hospital bed can be the desired option. Double beds come with independently moving sides.

Online or in store purchase

This is your preferred option and both have pros and cons attached.

Store bought-can try out different options and brands and can haggle over the price. Most stores are able to discount the price. Often you are unable to return unless faulty or they offer a 30 day trial period. Delivery is often an added cost unless you are transport home yourself.

Online purchase-often a lot cheaper and is delivered right to your door. Most allow a sleep trial period and there is no pressure from sales people. Unable to try a mattress before you buy it and it can be harder to return if it turns out to be faulty.

Getting the best deal

In order to get the best deal on your mattress head in to a store that sells different brands. Often you can get a better deal than online and you can see and feel exactly what you are buying.

Don’t be afraid to ask them for their best price. You can often save a few hundred dollars on an expensive mattress and it suddenly is in your price range.

Wait for store or manufacturers sales.



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