It’s understandable why so many people initially baulk at the idea of hosting their wedding at a French chateau. After all, these resplendent historic properties that you will find dotted across the world’s most famously romantic country may be a dazzling sight, but are they just a little too stereotypically ‘fairytale’ for their own good?

Well, let’s dispel some of your doubts, by running through just seven ways in which chateau wedding venues – such as the impressively luxurious Château Bouffémont – can inject that all-important magic into your big day.


  • It’ll look utterly stunning… inside and out  


This may seem an obvious point to make, but most couples want the occasion of their nuptials to be full of flair… and a French chateau can tick almost every single box in this regard.

From their jaw-dropping aristocratic halls and suites with sumptuous interiors, right through to their spectacular manicured gardens, French chateaux take the breath away in all of the best ways.


  • Your photographer and videographer will thank you


If you’ve gone to considerable trouble to recruit a highly qualified photographer and videographer, each with astounding portfolios, you’ll at least wish to provide them with a wedding venue that affords them plenty of intriguing and inspiring angles from which to snap and film you.


  • It may be surprisingly easy for your guests to reach


You might be a little confused by this one – after all, aren’t French chateaux usually based in idyllic rural settings, rather than in the middle of a bustling city?

This much may be true, but the various nobility or gentry who constructed these properties as their personal residences in centuries past often made a specific point of situating them close to major urban connections, for when they needed to conduct business in the city.

Such a characteristic of many French chateaux has become a strong selling point of these splendid properties as 21st-century wedding venues. The aforementioned Château Bouffémont, for instance, is located only 30 kilometres from central Paris, and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport. This means you may well have the luxury of being able to invite everyone.


  • You could extend the magic overnight


Another powerful reason to consider hiring a French chateau for your wedding is that many such venues can also provide the most opulent overnight accommodation for you and several of your attendees.

Château Bouffémont is one such venue, with the ability to accommodate as many as 30 of your guests for the night. This enables them to immerse themselves even more in this noble stone-built property’s delightful halls and suites.


  • It can combine the best of old and new comforts


Let’s face it – what most of us who adore the idea of tying the knot at a French chateau are truly in love with is the remarkable character, faultless luxury and sense of occasion that such a venue can lend to a wedding. But we want to experience the most wonderful things about the distant past, without the inconveniences.

Pick the right French chateau for your own nuptials, and you can benefit from precisely that. From Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions in the bedrooms to the diligent attention of dedicated staff who are accustomed to serving a wedding party’s needs, all of the modern touches that you desire can be incorporated into your special day.


  • It could lend itself equally well to a grand or intimate wedding


Whatever the scale of your dream wedding, it’s almost certain that those dreams have also featured a French chateau or similar historic property. Much of the appeal of the chateau wedding fantasy, after all, is the thought that it could be you who is lord or lady of the manor – at least for the day.

So, if the chateau that you choose for your wedding is supposed to feel like your own opulent residence, it scarcely matters whether you invite 20 guests, 50 guests or 250 guests. You and your attendees will still be able to experience the same aristocratic charm, refined furnishings and captivating verdant grounds when they gaze out through the window.

  1. It could be your base for the quintessential honeymoon break

Has the City of Lights itself, Paris, ever been topped as the world’s most unspeakably romantic honeymoon destination? All of the evidence points to an emphatic ‘no’ – and when you choose a venue in close proximity to such a legendarily amorous city, you’ll be excellently placed to transform your French wedding into more than a merely flying visit.

To discover how you could make your own Parisian honeymoon one that you and your beloved will remember for all of the finest reasons, why not consult the latest guidance on the TripSavvy website, covering every element from the timing of your stay to the planning of your expeditions in the French capital?




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