Do you want to prepare your menu for the upcoming winter season in Australia? Try these wonderful and delectable winter beef dishes that can easily fit your bill. We have picked 5 beef based dishes that you must try this winter season.

1- Beef Pie with Garlic Mash Topping

The best way to enjoy this warm and delicious beef cottage pie is to bake it in individual ramekins. This makes it perfect for eating at the table with the rest of your family members or on the couch while enjoying a late TV show. This beef pie is aromatic and filling, just the way a pie should be! The ingredients are simple and baking process is easy for anyone to cook. Check out the full list of its ingredients and baking recipe.

2- Moroccan Beef Casserole

The combination of sweet paprika, turmeric, and cumin in the Moroccan mix of spices gives this easy-to-make beef dish a tasty flavour without giving it too much heat. Moreover, the addition of zucchini and chickpeas make it a complete meal that you can enjoy on a winter night. A little word of advice, do not rush the initial stage of browning the meat in order to add rich colour and flavour in your Moroccan beef casserole.

3- The Master Beef Stew

This appetizing and sumptuous stew is typically made to be relished in winters. You can check out the beef stew recipe and add it to your winter dinner menu. However, you need to be careful about a few things when you cook it. First thing, brown the meat in small batches over a medium-high heat. Second thing, if you want your beef stew to be spicier, then you can add a few chilli flakes to suit your taste.

4- Sumac Steak

Everyone loves fattoush! It’s difficult to say no to that Middle Eastern style salad that is studded with crispy pieces of Lebanese bread. If truth be told, there’s nothing quite like it. This lemony sumac steak is just perfect for a cold winter’s night. In our recipe for this steak, we have added a juicy and tender piece of steak in the salad which makes it unimaginably tasty. The best thing about this dish is that it doesn’t have eggs or lactose, it is healthy, high in protein, and it can be cooked in about thirty minutes.

5- Caramelized Onion Pizza

You can enjoy the sweetness and richness of sticky caramelized onions and delicious mozzarella in this spicy beef pizza. Once cooked, you won’t believe that this pizza base was made in your home kitchen. It’s best served when you have added baby spinach leaves that add a unique flavour to the pizza.

These were some of the best beef dishes that you must try this winter and enjoy them with your family and friends. After all, the winter season is all about relishing food and coming up with exciting new recipes that can keep you warm, nourished and energized. Try these dishes out and stay healthy this winter!


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