Sushi enjoys worldwide popularity because of its taste and flavour. The Australians can’t get enough of this delectable food item!

Sushi has a quite interesting background story. When a 500 pounds tuna was caught near Spain or England, it was delivered to Tokyo in Japan. The buyers purchased it for thousands of dollars. It was then moved to the chefs in Hong Kong and New York.

Let’s take a look at different sushi rolling machines that have a major impact on the sushi industry.


  • Sushi Rice Sheet Making Machine


This machine is capable of producing up to a whooping 950 sheets in an hour.  It is a perfect product for people who like to create uniform rice sheets rapidly by rolling their sushi rolls by hand.

With the help of a user-friendly LCD touch screen, a person can easily operate this device. The machine also supports seven different languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French and Spanish.

You can easily and precisely adjust the rice density, sheet thickness, and rice length by using the touch screen. The machine is also capable of memorizing 6 different sheet sizes.

Save time by using this appliance which can lay down a sushi rice sheet in just a few seconds. Moreover, it also prevents the damaging of the grains while laying out the rice sheet. has a wide range of products including a sushi rice sheet making machine.


  • Simple Sushi Rolling Machine


This machine can operate at a speed of 300 medium rolls per hour. It is one of the most popular sushi rolling machines. The appliance can produce normal rolls, square rolls and outside in rolls. Owners of small and medium sized shops normally use this machine.


  • Inside Out Rolling Machine


An inside out rolling machine can make up to 350 rolls per hour. It can generate normal rolls, round rolls and outside in rolls. The equipment is capable of sheeting and rolling rice. Like the sushi rolling machine, it is also used by small shops.


The Bottom Line

The serving of Sushi at Australian Open showed its importance as a popular food item. Best ingredients comprising of summer salads offered a fresh and light taste and delivered a quality product.

Raw fish salad, fusion cuisine and sushi burritos might be the hottest foodie trends of the next year. The origination of this trend was in Hawaii, but in 2017 it came to Australia.

The sushi industry has adopted a unique approach to make new food items from existing provisions. Moreover, the sushi rolling machines have completely revolutionised the sushi industry by reducing the delays and speeding up the process of manufacturing this delicious food item.

Some sushi machines are even better cooks than humans. Another added advantage of this automatic technology is that it can produce more output than humans in less time.


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