Festival season is coming up and everyone is getting excited for the music and the fashion. After going to two festivals in the rain last year, I’m praying for sunshine this year. I will be going to All Points East festival in June to see my favourite band, The National. I’m also hoping to get myself to Y Not Festival again this year amongst others. I’ve been to so many festivals now that you’d think I would know what to take. Unfortunately, there’s always something that I forget to pack. Here is a list of my festival must haves, so I can refer to them next time.

Stereophonics, Y Not Festival 2017

  • A decent backpack. Last year I invested in a 65l backpack to fit everything I needed in. I managed to pack my sleeping bag, all my clothes, toiletries, food and water in there. It wasn’t so big that it wouldn’t fit in my tent but it was big enough. It made travelling to and from the festivals a lot easier as I could just shove it on my back and then carry my tent separately.
  • A decent sleeping bag. The sleeping bag that I have at the moment is a really cheap one from Tesco. It’s not designed for camping at all and as I spent 2.5 years working in a camping shop, I know what sleeping bags are idea. Unfortunately, I was too tight to buy a new one and took my basic Tesco one with me. I spent most of the night absolutely freezing, despite it being July. So this year, I will make sure I invest in a two season sleeping bag that’s made for camping. The worst thing at a festival is being too cold to sleep and then spending the next day exhausted.
  • A good supply of food. If you’ve ever been to a festival before, you will know that they charge an absolute fortune for food. Even just getting some cheesy chips will set you back a fiver, so it’s a good idea to take your own food with you. I always make sure I’ve got a decent amount of water so I can keep hydrated which is especially important if it’s hot. I also like to take some snacks like cereal bars, packets of crisps/popcorn, things that are quick and easy to eat. This year I’ll probably be taking some Summit to Eat festival kits as well.
  • Portable chargers. Obviously at a festival you’re going to struggle to charge your phone. There are often stands that offer phone charging for a set price but that can start to get expensive, so I always make sure I’m prepared. I have a big portable charger that I can use to charge my phone at least three times, so I always make sure I have that on me. I also have a smaller one which I got from Primark and I can charge my phone with that once.
  • Baby wipes and hand sanitiser. Festivals can get pretty grubby and you wouldn’t believe how handy a packet of baby wipes can be. Last year I took a packet to each festival and I used them for everything. They were used to get the thick mud off my Dr Martens each morning before I put them on, they were also great for getting rid of any left over glitter that was stuck on my face. It’s ideal to have some with you when you’re using the horrible festival toilets as well.

Are you going to any festivals this year? What are your festival must haves?


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