I know you probably don’t want to start thinking about it yet, but brands are starting to have their Autumn/Winter 2017 press days and all over Instagram stories and Twitter you can find snaps of the next big trends for the colder months. As far as I can tell, belted coats, fishnets, and vintage-inspired fur coats are all returning to our wardrobes this season which is great news for me. I love all three of these and have a couple of faux-fur coats already in my wardrobe.

Trilogy Stores have put together a guide to help you choose your outfits this autumn. If you take a look at this guide, you’ll hopefully be able to make the most of autumnal-chic, and glide effortlessly into the winter months without any fashion faux pas. 

Belted coats

A belted coat is perfect during autumn, as well as looking super stylish, it will keep you warm when the weather starts to get colder. The belt helps to give you a cinched in waist making them a lot more flattering than other styles of coats.

Alongside the belted coat, wide waisted belts are also making an appearance this autumn; they can be worn over anything you want to add a bit of style to. You can try to wear one over your coat, over a baggy jumper or even over a stylish evening dress. Browns, blacks, and reds are colours that aren’t only popular, but help you to channel the natural colours of the season. However, if you’re worrying about keeping warm this autumn – Jumper 1234 are sure to keep you warm with fashionable designs that appeal to the comforting colours of the season.  

True blue

Summer is all about the neons and you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone in a brightly coloured faux leather jacket – but once the leaves begin to change colour, jewel colours and dusky modest blues define autumn. Labelled as the new ‘it’ colour, the moody notes incorporated by dark blues within an outfit can really make a lasting impression.

There’s all sorts of ways in which you can incorporate blue into your wardrobe. How about a metallic blue skirt or a striking blue blazer?

Nylon jackets

Whether you’re going to a festival, or walking through town, a nylon coat is the perfect type of transitional outerwear. Without fear of any wrinkles, this type of coat is similar to a mac, and can be packed away in your suitcase to take to any event without any hassle, you can also fold it up and stick it in your backpack if you’re travelling.

These futuristic, cutting edge jackets can be worn in any way imaginable – casually with flats, or can be worn in the evening with a pair of high boots or heels; blacks, browns, and greens are all the rage this autumn – so wear subtle colours underneath to pull off a look that’s striking without having to make the effort.


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