Fashion: Key trends for the summer


Embroidered bomber jacketYellow tassel shortsCream shortsIvy Park baseball capCath Kidston backpackWhite strappy geek sandals

The weather may be a bit rubbish in the U.K. at the moment, but when this post goes live, I will be in Germany and the weather forecast has predicted 29 degrees! I’m not usually very prepared for hot weather as we get so little so I’ve been out buying last minute holiday bits which will also be good for me to take to Florida in October. I’m only in Germany for three days so I didn’t need a lot but when I was shopping, I saw loads of things that I might get when I get paid at the end of the month that I can take to America with me.

There’s a lot of bomber jackets about at the moment and there also seems to be quite a few in the sale that I would like to try on. I have a plain black one but it would be a bit too warm for the summer, so it would be nice to get a lighter one. I think a bomber jacket is definitely one of the key trends for summer 2016!

I’ve chosen to go for shorts more often this summer instead of skirts and have found that there’s so many different styles in the shops at the moment, I’ve seen hot pant style denim shorts in Primark in every colour of the rainbow but they’re way too short for my liking. There’s also a lot of mom style shorts which I want to try. I’ve just got a pair of mid length black denim shorts  from Primark and a floral pair from New Look which I bought a couple of years ago which should see me through the warm weather in Cologne.

Backpacks seem to be a summer essential – they’re great for festivals and holidays where you’re walking around exploring a new city. I have one from Cath Kidston that I use a lot and I’ve taken it to Germany with me this weekend. There’s a space inside for my laptop but there’s still loads of room for all of my other essentials, which is brilliant! When I don’t want one that’s so big, I use a smaller backpack from New Look which I got through Octer. It’s so much easier to carry around a backpack, especially if you’re going to be out all day!


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