Over the last few years, I’ve managed to travel quite a lot. This past weekend I spent a whirlwind 24 hours in Berlin (posts coming soon!), however I don’t have any more plans for 2017 yet. You may remember that I won flights to Barcelona at an event last year, so I’m thinking of making the most of them and travelling around mainland Spain, which is somewhere I’ve never actually been before. I have previously been to Majorca twice but I’ve always wanted to visit the mainland. View Post

Even though I came back from Florida almost six months ago, I’m still slowly working my way through all of the posts that I’ve got planned. Today I thought I would review the resort we stayed in, as there’s so many different ones both in Disneyworld and outside so maybe this could help somebody who is looking to book a Disneyworld holiday to make a decision. As I’d never been to Disneyworld before, I had no idea about any of the resorts and hotels and the pricing, so I just went along with what I was told was good. Unfortunately, I was a bit of an idiot and hardly took any photos of the resort so I have Kariss to thank for most of the images in this post, at least she was organised!

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When you book a holiday, it’s obviously really exciting but there can also be a lot of things that can make it stressful too. Nobody wants to be stressing out just before they go away, so I’ve put together some important things that you need to think about before you go on your trip which can help to alleviate stress. I’ve found that these have really helped me, especially before a big trip like when I went to Florida last October, I had so much to sort out beforehand and it was definitely a good idea to sort things out in advance. View Post