I thought I’d put all my foodie photos into one blog post rather than on the individual days. I had some amazing food while I was in Paris but surprisingly, I didn’t eat one croissant or baguette. Weird.

Le Village Ronsard

On the first night we came across this little authentic French bistro by chance after we’d been to Notre Dame. I ordered a Pina Colada and rump steak with peppercorn sauce and french fries. I asked for my steak to be well done and the waiter even said it was well done when he bought it out, however it was very pink in the middle. I really don’t like pink steak and didn’t feel like I should send it back so I ate the more cooked parts and left the middle bit. It was nice though and my cocktail was very alcoholic!
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Le Ronsard

This little cafe was opposite Sacre Coeur and we thought it might be pricey as it’s a very touristy place. However, the sandwiches were reasonably priced and it wasn’t too busy inside. I had a croque monsieur and french fries while Amy had a three cheese panini. The waiter was a little bit eccentric but the food arrived quickly and it was delicious. I’ve been craving it ever since!
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Le Bistrot Chat Noir

This is situated in the red light district, a few doors down from the Moulin Rouge. We popped in here for cocktails as it was happy hour, it’s always happy hour somewhere in Paris. I think it was around €4.50 for each one. I had a mojito which was absolutely delicious and so alcoholic. I felt quite tipsy afterwards!
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La Favorite

This was one of the places that we knew we wanted to visit before we even arrived in France. We went on the same day as Le Ronsard and I was still full from my croque monsieur so I just ordered french fries, however I did have the most delicious Watermelon Martini as it was happy hour. The food is very pricey here (around €16 for a burger) but there’s a great atmosphere and fantastic cocktails. Plus, free wifi!
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We’d heard so many wonderful things about the French McDonald’s and couldn’t wait to find one. We were so pleased when we finally stumbled across one on the second day. They do a massive variety of hot drinks, (I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that you were in Starbucks not a McDonald’s) and we both went for a caramel macchiato. They also do a great selection of cakes and desserts including tiramisu and cheesecake! We both had six macaroons which were €5 (or €0.90 each) which came presented in a little box.

Breakfast In America

This is another place that we knew we wanted to visit. It’s actually just around the corner from La Favorite although we didn’t realise that the night before! We went for breakfast and I ordered a Cafe au Lait and French toast with maple syrup. The portion sizes were huge and I only managed to eat half of mine. It wasn’t too expensive, so I definitely recommend it if you don’t fancy the traditional French breakfast of pain (bread) or croissants.
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This is definitely somewhere you go to treat yourself. It’s very expensive but it’s something that we both really wanted to do while we were in Paris. I went for a coffee eclair and an iced coffee – they weren’t the best things I’ve ever tasted but it was worth it for the experience. It’s so posh in there and the atmosphere was lovely. We bought some macarons from the shop afterwards. They’re priced at €1.85 each but I wanted them in a box so I paid €15.60 for six. A bit steep but it meant that I managed to get them back home to Staffordshire in one piece!
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Le Rey

We stumbled upon this restaurant in Bastille and decided to have our last meal in Paris here. We both ordered burgers and french fries which were delicious and it was probably the best burger I’ve ever tasted. I did find it a bit weird that although my burger was piping hot, the bacon on it was cold.. It didn’t really make sense to me! The food and the cocktails were both reasonably priced. I had an apple and kiwi mojito which was lovely.
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Our final full day in Paris was meant to be our more relaxing day but we still ended up doing as much as we did the previous days.

Our first stop was an American style diner called Breakfast in America for a spot of breakfast. I’d read about this place online before we went and we were both dying to go. I’ll post more about the food in a separate blog post that I’m planning but let me just tell you that it was delicious and everyone needs to visit there!

We then headed to Musée D’Orsay (on a double decker train!!) which I was really excited about. I love impressionism and was really looking forward to seeing some of my favourite Van Gogh paintings (Starry Night Over The Rhone which I actually have a poster of, La Méridienne and his famous self portrait from 1889) and also some Monet and Manet. This museum was so much better than the Louvre. Firstly, it’s in a converted railway station so it has amazing architecture and secondly, it’s easy to navigate your way around the place. We found exactly what we were looking for straight away. We had to queue for about half an hour to get in but it was totally worth it. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s into French art from the late 19th century.

After stopping off at a cafe for a cold drink and a quick look at our guide books, we decided to catch the metro to Mouton Douvernet as I wanted to visit the catacombs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the road on the map or see any signs or directions to the catacombs, so we just ended up wandering around a few shops and having a Starbucks. I was pleasantly surprised that they managed to spell my name right on my cup, they don’t usually get it right in England.

We then headed to St Germain so that Amy could see the two famous cafes, Café Les Deux Magots and Café de Flore. We also found a vintage shop so had a little rummage in there but everything was quite expensive so we didn’t buy anything. 

We then got back on the metro and made our way to Galleries Lafayette which is pretty much the Parisian version of Harrods. Unlike Harrods though, it was way too hot and busy and we didn’t spend long there at all. I purchased an Eiffel Tower Pandora charm for myself and then we decided we deserved a special treat..

We got on the metro to Champs-Élysées for the second time but instead of shopping, we headed to the famous Ladurée and treated ourselves to a coffee and a cake. I had the most expensive coffee eclair I will ever have (I think it worked out to be about £6!) but it was so worth it, just for the experience. We then purchased some macarons from the shop to take home in little boxes. They were very expensive but it’s just something that you have to do when you’re in Paris. 

We decided to have a look around Bastille for somewhere to eat that evening and ended up settling on a bistro called Café Rey (which had the best toilets I’ve ever seen) where we had a cocktail and a burger before going back to the hostel to pack and sleep before our long journeys home the next day. Paris was exhausting but it was fantastic and I can’t wait for our next adventure.

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Look out for my next post about where we ate while we were there!

Last week, after months of planning and counting down the days, myself and Amy finally boarded the Eurostar to Paris for a city break. We had a bit of a bad start to the trip when we were messed around by Travelodge in London. We’d booked the one at Kings Cross as we had to get the Eurostar from St Pancras at 7:55am, however when we got there we were told that there wasn’t a room available for us due to renovations and we were made to wait for twenty minutes before they shoved us in a taxi to Covent Garden. Again, there wasn’t a room for us there so we had to wait even longer until eventually we were put into a double room instead of the family room we had paid for. There was also a bit of hassle with the taxi in the morning. Both of the Travelodges had said they would pay for a taxi back to Kings Cross but in the end they didn’t book one for us and we ended up paying for it ourselves. I definitely won’t be recommending anyone to Travelodge in the future!
We arrived in Gare Du Nord, Paris without any further problems and purchased our three day metro passes for zones 1 – 3. These cost 23.40 each which is great value. Unfortunately I lost mine almost straight away and ended up paying for it twice. Typical. We then found where we were staying (after getting lost a bit) which was the St Christopher’s Inn hostel by the canal. This place was recommended to me by my ex and he said it’s the best place he’s ever stayed in Paris so we decided to give it a go. We booked a private female room which was perfect for us. We had potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce from the bar/restaurant downstairs while we were waiting to check in and once we’d dumped all our stuff we went exploring!

Our first stop (after popping to the cat cafe to make a reservation) was the Louvre which is actually French for ‘good luck with finding your way out’. We’d both heard so many good things about this museum but in reality, it was crowded, hot, badly organised and a waste of time. We had to traipse through most of the museum and look at a million statues of naked greek men (who apparently had really nice bottoms) before we found the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo and then when we tried to get out by following the ‘SORTIE’ signs, we reached an exit that was blocked off. We could have cried. We did eventually get out though, and got to enjoy the fresh air, saw our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower and were harassed by men selling 1 souvenirs and calling us Lady Gaga.

We then walked alongside the River Seine towards Notre Dame and got to watch the sunset over the Eiffel Tower which made for some great photographs. We also stumbled across the love lock bridge which was a lot bigger than I expected and was jam packed with padlocks. It was lovely looking at all of the padlocks but it does make you wonder how many of those couples are still together. After sitting at a bus stop opposite Notre Dame for a while, we decided to head to the Latin Quarter in search of food. We decided on a little French bistro called Le Village Ronsard which did amazing food and cocktails. We were also served by a lovely Portugese waiter. Afterwards, we headed to a little shop opposite and purchased a Nutella crepe each to warm us up on the way back to the hostel. They were delicious and the guy who served us was hilarious. We were both so tired that we just got into bed as soon as we got back, we’re so old.

Keep an eye out for Day Two!