I love holidaying in the UK, I’ve only recently started to go abroad and have many fond memories of family holidays on the Isle of Wight and in the Lake District. I’ve also visited Devon, Yorkshire and Wales on family holidays. Since leaving university, I’ve been trying to visit more places in the UK and have managed to cross off Edinburgh, Bangor, Berwick upon Tweed, Bristol and Liverpool but one place I’d never been to and have always wanted to try out was Cornwall.

Although I can drive, I don’t have a car so my main form of transport is trains and buses. Cornwall is a 4 hour drive away from me but the trains are so expensive – you’re looking at over £100 each way! So when I was contacted about visiting Newquay, I had a look on the CheapFlights website and I realised that you could fly there from Birmingham for £56 return, I was so excited to finally visit a new part of the UK. View Post

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I recently took a trip to Barcelona. This was my first proper visit to mainland Spain (I’m not counting the 4 days I spent at Portaventura World in April as we didn’t leave the theme park!) and my first Spanish holiday since 2001, so I was really excited to experience the culture and more importantly – the food.

Rachel had done a lot of research before we went and had picked out a number of places that she wanted to visit. Although I am a fussy eater, I can usually find something that I will enjoy on any menu, so I was happy to go anywhere and I know that I can trust her to make good decisions. View Post

We all know that I’m a fan of a UK city break – there’s nothing better than getting on a train and exploring a new city in your own country. You get to have time away from home and enjoy new surroundings but you don’t need to worry about exchanging currency, getting travel insurance or booking flights. Over the last few years I’ve had the chance to visit a number of different cities in the UK and I’ve put together my favourites. View Post