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As Mothers Day is fast approaching, I thought it was best that I start planning what I’m going to treat my mom to this year and have come up with quite a few ideas that I think she will love. I usually get her something from The Sanctuary range at Boots, but she had a lot of the gift sets for Christmas and her birthday, so I’ve needed to come up with some different ideas and I thought that I would put together a gift guide for anyone who is struggling.

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What would be the first thing you did if you won the lottery? If I won a substantial amount of cash, the first thing I would do is book myself on a holiday to somewhere I have always wanted to go. I have a travel bucket list as long as my arm and most of the places are in Europe, so I would probably organise a month long trip around the continent visiting all of the cities on my list. I’ve always wanted to go to Prague, Berlin, Rome and Vienna to name just a few. It would also be really nice to go back to Disneyworld and the Florida sunshine.

I do occasionally play the National Lottery but I don’t have much luck with it, I once won £10 but that was around six years ago now and I haven’t had anymore success since then. I’ve recently been introduced to Lottoland which is a lot more interesting and you have a better chance of winning.  View Post

There are many people who were either born or spent the majority of their lives in the North East of England, covering all walks of life. Although I have visited a lot of places in England, I haven’t ever really had a chance to explore the North East (I’ve only been to Berwick-Upon-Tweed) and this is something that I would like to do this year while I can’t afford to go abroad. One of the places that I would love to visit most in the UK is Newcastle which happens to be in the North East. I have driven through it with Kariss and got really excited when I saw the Angel of The North, but I would love to spend a couple of days there actually exploring the city. 

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