One of the most important rooms in a house is the kitchen. If you’re into cooking, the kitchen is where you spend time preparing your food and if you like to cook from scratch, you could be spending hours in there each week. This is why people like to make sure that their kitchens are a place where they feel comfortable and happy and they have everything that they need in there to prepare a meal for the family. For those that have a large enough kitchen, it’s often where they eat as well and it can also be a place to socialise.

The Plastic People who create kitchen splashbacks have done a bit of research into today’s kitchen culture in the UK. View Post

iFly Milton Keynes, indoor skydiving, red letter days

When I first got the email inviting me down to Milton Keynes to go indoor skydiving with Red Letter Days, I was really excited, I’d never done anything like that before and it looked like a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to do something a bit more ‘extreme’ for a birthday or special occasion but have never got around to doing it, so of course I said yes and a couple of weeks ago, I made my way down to Milton Keynes to have a go. View Post

Next weekend I’m going down to Winchester to see my best friend. I go down there quite often and we always have a lot of fun, but this time we’re both a bit short of cash so have decided to spend as little money as we can and still have a great time. Usually we end up getting piercings, going shopping in Southampton and going for a night out but that can start to get a bit costly. We’ve been putting our heads together and between us and have come up with a few ideas of things we can do. View Post