It’s that time of year where a lot of people have given up one of their vices for lent; for a lot of people (me included) this is nothing to do with religion but is all in a bid to get healthier. I know quite a few people who are giving something unhealthy up over lent, some people have given up sugar, others fizzy drinks and I even know someone who has given up all kinds of fast food. This year I’ve challenged myself to give up coke as it was getting to a point where I was drinking at least one can a day and if I didn’t have any, I’d get a headache which is likely to be from either the caffeine or sugar withdrawals. Whilst having the odd can of coke isn’t too much of an issue, one a day was definitely contributing to my weight gain and the sluggishness that I usually feel in the afternoon and all that sugar┬áreally wasn’t good for my teeth. View Post