I was recently given the opportunity by Joe Blogs Network to visit my favourite place in Birmingham and write about it for a new project. It didn’t take me long to decide where my favourite place is! I first visited Malmaison’s brasserie last year when they invited a big group of us and we were treated to a bloggers brunch. Since then, I’ve been a few more times including for my 25th birthday. I decided that this time I would treat my mom, dad and brother as they had never been before and I’ve told them all about it.

Sunday brunch at Malmaison costs just £19.95 per person for a three course meal. The first course is a buffet style starter from the Chef’s table at the back of the restaurant. The first couple of times I went, I made the mistake of filling up on this course and not having any room for anything else – my eyes are definitely bigger than my body! On the Chef’s Table, they have an assortment of meats including salami, iberico ham and pates. There’s all sorts of salads, a soup de jour, crusty loaves of bread, smoked salmon and a great selection of cheeses.

For my main, I decided to go with the roast beef – this is absolutely delicious and I’m always craving it. I’m not sure what they put on it, but it has a delicious sweet glaze on it and the gravy is just fantastic. The roast dinners come with a couple of bowls of vegetables including roast potatoes, green beans, peas and carrots. The portion sizes are so generous and I’ve never managed to finish my main! My parents both went for the beef too but my brother decided to have the Classic Mal burger which looked amazing! He really enjoyed it but it was so big that he couldn’t finish off his chips, so obviously I had a few to help him out and I can confirm that they are just as delicious as everything else.

For dessert, I went for the Creme Brulee – it seemed like the easiest thing to have after such a big meal. I really couldn’t have eaten anything bigger than that. I’ve never actually had a Creme Brulee from anywhere else other than Malmaison but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so creamy and I loved the taste – you could really taste the vanilla in there. My parents went for the dessert du jour which was brioche, with strawberries, chocolate ice cream, almonds and some sort of liqueur drizzled over the top. They both really struggled to finish their desserts but they did enjoy it. My brother chose the Mal Hot Chocolate (surprise surprise, he’s a massive chocoholic!) which is white chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and marshmallows with a jug of hot chocolate sauce to pour over the top.

We had such a great meal and our waiter Cedric was so helpful and polite. Malmaison is fantastic if you’re looking for somewhere special to go, I highly recommend it!


Pinterest Tumblr Bedrooms

I’ve recently become a bit obsessed with Pinterest (you can go follow me here) and one of the boards that I have is dedicated to home decor, mainly bedrooms. If you’ve been on Pinterest yourself, I’m sure you’ve seen the hundreds of photos of other people’s amazing bedrooms and you will be able to understand why I’ve been taking inspiration from them.

The first thing I’ve done to switch up my bedroom is to invest in some pretty duvet covers, I have plenty of floral and geometric print covers which I like to switch up every week but that doesn’t stop me from buying more! I really like the look of these doily heart sheets and would love to get those and matching curtains at, they’re the next ones I’m going to pick up.

As my bed is the main focal point in my room and it’s the one place I spend a lot of time, I like to have a lot of cushions to jazz it up a bit. My cushions don’t match at all, I have all sorts from owls to a  yellow Peruvian style one. My favourite place to get cushions from is somewhere like Primark who have a fantastic selection in at the moment. I’ve also got my eye on this pretty daisy cushion from Cath Kidston.

One of the best things that I took from Pinterest is hanging polaroid style photos on a string – it’s really simple but can make your room look so much more cosy and personal. I got my photos printed at and bought some tiny craft pegs from Amazon. At the moment, I only have two strings of polaroids up on my wall but after my next couple of trips away, I’m going to get some more printed out.

Another vital item to invest in for your bedroom is a decent mattress. I was lucky enough to get a memory foam one for Christmas which is so thick that my bottom sheets don’t stay on properly but it’s so comfortable! I’ve never had a memory foam mattress before and had been using one I took from a house I lived in when I was at uni so it’s a massive luxury!

Finally, lighting can really make a bedroom – I love the idea of these lights stuck to the bottom of a shelf. I’m thinking of getting something similar myself. I also have some fairy lights which are wound around my headboard and add a great feel to the room. Having smaller lights around a room is so much better than having one big, bright light.

Where do you get your home decor inspiration from?

Exante Diet review

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been making a conscious effort to stop eating so much crap and try to shift some of the weight I’ve put on since I got an inactive job. I’ve put on a couple of stone and I’m really not happy with how I now look (hence the lack of outfit posts nowadays), so I need to lose a stone at least and tone up.

First of all, I’ve stopped going to McDonalds a few times a week and have managed to only go 3 times in the last two months – in fact, the last time I went I didn’t even enjoy it. I’ve been trying to drink more water and bought a fruit infusing water bottle. I’ve been adding lemon and mint to my bottle before I leave for work and this gives the water a refreshing, citrus taste and has helped me to stay away from the cans of coke that I’ve been addicted to.

As I’ve never had to lose weight before, I’m open to try anything. When I was offered some samples from Exante Diet, I did a bit of research on the products and then decided that I couldn’t wait to try them. Exante offer a few different options – there’s meals, snacks and milkshakes. Each one can be used as a meal replacement once a day or you can go the whole hog and have three meal replacements each day – if you do this, you must make sure you’re still drinking a lot of water and it’s best not to do it for a long time.

I was sent some sachets of the milkshakes along with a milkshake shaker. The first one I tried was the strawberry as I thought this would be my least favourite of the ones I received. I happened to enjoy it, it was quite thin and watery but it tasted like one of those Nesquick milkshakes I used to have as a kid. I tried it in the morning, at around 9:30am as a replacement for breakfast and didn’t have to eat again until around 2pm. I didn’t have enough of these shakes to really try them out and see if they would help with weight loss, however I think these are a great idea as a lunch replacement and would really work for me if I didn’t graze at my desk. The only flavour I didn’t like was the vanilla, it tasted very bitter and I couldn’t finish it all.

I was also sent a teatox from Slimming Solutions and I really wouldn’t recommend that. The teatoxes usually have two different types of tea bags, one for the morning and one for night (which you’re meant to take every other night). The nighttime formula contains a mild (or so they say) laxative which is meant to make you go poopy in the morning. However, I really wouldn’t recommend trying this if you have plans the next day!