Most people use backyard for recreational purposes. Ideal of every family is having a backyard pool, grill area and fancy patio. However, the thing homeowners usually do not realise is that backyard can be utilised in a more functional way.

Instead of focusing on entertainment value and exterior design, you can place emphasis on power generation, gardening and all sorts of other things.

This mindset is so important nowadays given the constant increase of world population and subsequent food and power shortages. Although this still isn’t a big burden, the change can be seen through increasing electricity and water bills. View Post

When I first got the email about attending an event at the Haymarket Hotel in London with Tena, I was really confused as I’m only 27 years old and haven’t had any kids, so I didn’t know why they were contacting me. What I didn’t realise is that bladder weakness can affect anyone of any age, not just older ladies and women who have been through childbirth! There are many reasons as to why you can be affected by bladder weakness and Tena have recently bought out a new range of light pantyliners which are designed to be as discrete as possible, whilst still being absorbent.

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