Instagram July 2015

I have been buying… I got myself some Disney Vans which I’m obsessed with! I also got a cute little windmill Pandora charm whilst I was in Amsterdam. I can’t really think of anything else worth mentioning, just a few items of clothing in the sales

I have been eating at… I haven’t really been anywhere exciting – I’ve been to Wagamama a couple of times (quelle surprise!) and I had a really nice fro yo while I was in Amsterdam at a place called Frozz.

I have visited… I started off the month in Amsterdam and I’ve also been to Coventry for Godiva festival – I’ve stayed pretty close to home for the rest of the month!

Best Bargain… Probably my Disney Vans because I got the kids ones (thank you small feet!) and saved £20.

I have achieved… I’ve got back into the swing of things with my blog and outfit posts.

I’ve been listening to… Embrace, Death Cab for Cutie, The National and Marina and the Diamonds.

Next month I’m looking forward to… My friend Lily’s Hen Party in London and then my friend Alex’s wedding anniversary party in Winchester.

Next month I hope to splash some cash on… Paying off my holidays!

I’ve been reading… I haven’t read a lot this month, I’ve had a lot of headaches and have preferred to just sleep it off (hence the lack of blog posts) but I did manage to read All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and Pandemonium by Lauren OliverScreen Shot 2015-08-09 at 19.53.15

Slang is everywhere nowadays – it’s on the tv, in magazines, on products in the shops and in our everyday conversations. However, it’s amazing how much slang differs between the generations. The things that I used to say as a teenager are probably unheard of amongst the teenagers today. I know that when my cousins come round, they come out with some things that I really don’t understand. What on earth is ‘swag’?

It really confuses me when I hear slang I’ve never heard of before – I once had to google ‘FOMO’ when I saw it on a necklace in Claire’s, I really had no idea what it meant! At  25, I’m definitely not old but I don’t half feel it when I’m around anyone younger! It still really confuses me when someone uses the word ‘sick’ in a positive sense. My grandparents often don’t understand things I’m saying which I see as normal, everyday words and that is exactly how I feel when I hear my younger cousins talking. One of the good things is that you often don’t understand when you’re being insulted when someone younger is using slang!

As it’s such a part of our everyday conversation, it can often be hard to turn off the slang when in formal settings. I sometimes have to double check my emails at work just to make sure I haven’t slipped any slang or smiley faces in!

McCarthy & Stone have recently hosted a round table debate on the subject. What do you think about slang?

laundrappSometimes life can get in the way of doing simple things like housework. After spending 40 hours a week working hard at my job, I know I certainly don’t feel like spending the weekend doing chores. I often put off tidying my room for a week and I like to ignore the pile of post that I have to sort through in favour of going shopping or spending time with friends. Some things just have to be done though like cleaning out the gerbil cage and doing the laundry.

Laundry in particular can take up so much time; first you have to sort out your whites and your colours, then you have to go through all of the labels to make sure you’re washing everything the correct way, then you have to load the washing machine and wait for it to work it’s magic before you wait ages for everything to dry. Don’t even get me started on ironing – that’s something try to avoid as much as possible.


Going to a launderette is something I’ve never thought about doing, mainly because I don’t have a car and have no way to take all of my dirty washing into the next town. Luckily, there’s a new service called Laundrapp (you can download the app onto your smartphone or use the website) which is available to those of you living in London, Birmingham or Edinburgh. It’s simple to use – you just arrange for your laundry to be picked up from your home or work address and then they’ll deliver it back to you when it’s all done. It’s all so simple and that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.

The service is available 7 days a week from 7am until late, so you can arrange your laundry or dry cleaning to be done at a time to suit you. So, whether you work 9-5 or do night shifts, there’s always a time for you to get your laundry done.

If you’re interested in Laundrapp, you can get £10 off your first order by using the code ‘NOTACLUE’.

What chores do you despise the most?