Lana Del Rey gig – Muse free gig – Beaumaris Castle 

I saw this post on Amy‘s blog and thought it was a brilliant idea, so I’m doing my own! I don’t think I do enough lifestyle posts on my blog at all and I need a bit of variety.

The start of 2013 was absolutely terrible for me. In January, I was suddenly single for the first time in three years which was a bit of a shock. Obviously I was very upset about that and then a day later I was in horrible car accident. I don’t think I’ve spoken about it on my blog before but it was terrifying and we’re so lucky to be alive. It really is a miracle that I’m still here, I don’t understand how everything went right (like a barrier being at the side of the road which stopped us going up the bank and rolling and the lorry behind us not having a load so the driver was able to stop in time) and we weren’t killed but I’m so grateful that I’m alive. The accident has completely fucked me up mentally and I still have awful whiplash but I’m dealing with that now.

Despite having a miserable (and painful!) start to the year, things started to get a bit better in April. I had some good nights out, made a couple of new friends who I now talk to everyday, I helped to organise the #BrumBloggerMeet and had some great times with fellow bloggers including a trip to London with Sara.

 In May, I went on my first solo holiday and had a brilliant time. I also saw Lana Del Rey in Birmingham and Muse in Coventry. I then went on to bag two free tickets to see Muse at a show in London at the beginning of June so I travelled down there and spent the day visiting art galleries and seeing my friend Jess before the gig. Seeing Muse makes me so happy and this was the 9th time I’d seen them. There’s nothing like seeing your favourite band live to cheer you up! A week later, I saw Bon Jovi in Birmingham which was another brilliant night.

Last weekend I took a trip to Bangor in Wales to visit someone I hadn’t seen in 3.5 years. It could have been terrible after all that time but luckily we still got on great and I had a brilliant time. It was good to be by the sea for a few days, have a catch up and we also got to visit Beaumaris Castle while I was there too.

The last half of this year is looking promising. I have quite a few blogging events coming up, most of which are this month so I’m going to be very busy! I also have a trip to Paris planned with Amy in October which is giving me something to look forward to and there may also be a trip to Devon before then too. I can’t wait! Hopefully the last six months will go a lot better than the first.

How’s the first half of your year gone? What have you got to look forward to for the rest of 2013?

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