Since I started blogging full time, I’ve been making more of an effort with my photography. Now that I have time during the day when I can use natural light, it’s been a lot easier for me to get the shots that I want and hopefully if you’ve looked back on some of my past posts such as my Makeup Revolution Bronze and Glow review or my MUA Undress Your Skin highlighters review you will have seen that my product photos have improved a lot since earlier posts such as my Urban Decay Naked palette review from 2015.

I have spent quite a bit of time reading guides to blog photography and have been taking a bit more time getting to know the settings on my camera. Here are some tips that I’ve used myself and I think can really help to improve your blog photography. View Post

When you’re thinking about designing a new kitchen, lighting often isn’t your top priority, instead you’re always thinking about the cupboards or the work surfaces, however it should be. Not having the right lighting in a kitchen can result in a dull and dingy looking room which nobody wants to socialise or even cook in so you will want to choose the right lighting to ensure that your kitchen is a space that’s multifunctional, bright and fit for all occasions. Luckily, the bespoke kitchen experts over at Harvey Jones have loads of advice available for anyone who is needing help to get the lighting right in their kitchen.

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Recently, I’ve been thinking of ways to make a bit more money and whenever I mention this someone always seems to suggest betting. I’ve never placed a bet in my life as first of all, I wouldn’t know how and secondly, all of the betting shops I’ve ever seen or been in have scared me a bit. You usually find that betting shops/bookmakers are full of old men swearing and shouting at the horses or whatever they’re betting on and the atmosphere just isn’t one that I’ve enjoyed and have wanted to be a part of. However, with the internet being so brilliant, you can now place bets online so this is something that I have been looking into. View Post