A few weeks ago, I was invited along to Coast to Coast, an American restaurant and bar on Birmingham’s Broad Street. I must have walked past this place hundreds of times, but I’d never noticed it before. Being just a 5-10 minute walk from the city centre and situated right in the hustle and bustle of Birmingham’s biggest street for night life, Coast to Coast is the ideal place to go to kick off a night out.

Walking in, I was surprised at just how big it was – the bar area is massive and would be a great place to go to for cocktails. When I arrived, I was presented with a voucher for our food and I headed over to the bar where my friend and I spent a while deliberating over cocktails whilst we waited for my other two friends to arrive. I finally decided to get a champagne based cocktail which was delicious. One of the waiters also treated us to a glass of prosecco after finding out it was our first time there – how nice was that?

The restaurant is situated just behind the bar and is also suprisingly huge. There were plenty of tables and we were seated in a little booth towards the back. We didn’t have to spend long looking at the menu as all four of us had already looked at it online before we arrived – we were all so excited! We decided to go all out and have starters and in my case, a pudding too.

For my starter, I chose to have the loaded skins with bacon and cheese which were just perfect. This is one of my favourite starters to have and I will always choose it if I see it on a menu and I must say that these were some of the best loaded potato skins I have ever had. They were served with a sour cream dip and were perfectly soft on the inside with just the right amount of bacon and cheese. I could eat these all over again!

Choosing my main was a no brainer – when I saw that they had pulled pork on the menu, I just had to have it. I’m a huge pulled pork fan and hadn’t had any for quite a while so I decided to go for the sandwich with sweet potato fries. I enjoyed this although there wasn’t a lot of sauce so I found it to be a bit dry. Now I look back at the menu, it says that there was meant to be a jug of bbq sauce served with the sandwich but I didn’t get this; it would have been so much better with the sauce!

I always have room for dessert – I always say that I have one stomach for ‘proper food’ and one stomach for desserts. I went for the mint oreo sundae which was so so good – I could eat that everyday, I do love a good sundae! It was the perfect end to the meal.

Coast to Coast has such a great atmosphere, the food is fantastic and is very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend you pay them a visit the next time you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Birmingham.

I received a voucher to pay for our meals, no other compensation was received







I was recently given the opportunity by Joe Blogs Network to visit my favourite place in Birmingham and write about it for a new project. It didn’t take me long to decide where my favourite place is! I first visited Malmaison’s brasserie last year when they invited a big group of us and we were treated to a bloggers brunch. Since then, I’ve been a few more times including for my 25th birthday. I decided that this time I would treat my mom, dad and brother as they had never been before and I’ve told them all about it.

Sunday brunch at Malmaison costs just £19.95 per person for a three course meal. The first course is a buffet style starter from the Chef’s table at the back of the restaurant. The first couple of times I went, I made the mistake of filling up on this course and not having any room for anything else – my eyes are definitely bigger than my body! On the Chef’s Table, they have an assortment of meats including salami, iberico ham and pates. There’s all sorts of salads, a soup de jour, crusty loaves of bread, smoked salmon and a great selection of cheeses.

For my main, I decided to go with the roast beef – this is absolutely delicious and I’m always craving it. I’m not sure what they put on it, but it has a delicious sweet glaze on it and the gravy is just fantastic. The roast dinners come with a couple of bowls of vegetables including roast potatoes, green beans, peas and carrots. The portion sizes are so generous and I’ve never managed to finish my main! My parents both went for the beef too but my brother decided to have the Classic Mal burger which looked amazing! He really enjoyed it but it was so big that he couldn’t finish off his chips, so obviously I had a few to help him out and I can confirm that they are just as delicious as everything else.

For dessert, I went for the Creme Brulee – it seemed like the easiest thing to have after such a big meal. I really couldn’t have eaten anything bigger than that. I’ve never actually had a Creme Brulee from anywhere else other than Malmaison but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so creamy and I loved the taste – you could really taste the vanilla in there. My parents went for the dessert du jour which was brioche, with strawberries, chocolate ice cream, almonds and some sort of liqueur drizzled over the top. They both really struggled to finish their desserts but they did enjoy it. My brother chose the Mal Hot Chocolate (surprise surprise, he’s a massive chocoholic!) which is white chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and marshmallows with a jug of hot chocolate sauce to pour over the top.

We had such a great meal and our waiter Cedric was so helpful and polite. Malmaison is fantastic if you’re looking for somewhere special to go, I highly recommend it!


Last Saturday I headed east to Nottingham for the #NottsBloggerMeet which was organised by Becka and Sophie. I was quite nervous as I’d only met the organisers and a couple of other people before and I don’t really know any bloggers in the East Midlands area. However, there was no need for me to worry as Sophie had saved me a seat next to her in Zizzis and I had a great time.

First of all, we had a talk from a cosmetics company, Harlequin Cosmetics. They’re a family run business started by Becky when she was 14, who specialise in luxury skincare and cosmetics, including body butters, shower gels and soaps. Some of the products were passed around for us to have a sniff (and a try when it came to the body butters) and I think we all agreed that they smell delicious. I was especially taken by the yellow shower gel, Citrus Burst which is packed full of lemon and grapefruit and would be great for a morning shower. When I’ve worked my way through the shower gels I’ve got at the minute, I’ll definitely be placing an order for a bottle of Citrus Burst.

Next up was the food. We’d all pre-ordered so the food came out quickly and without any problems. For my first course, I had the Italian Bread Bucket which might as well have been served in a bucket, the amount there was and I was so hungry that I ate it all. For my main, I had a  Diavola pizza (pepperoni, roquito chillis and green chillis) which I struggled to eat after all the bread, I managed to eat more than half though. It was delicious and not too hot, I love a good spicy pizza. My dessert was gelato and after eating so much for the other two courses, I only ate the chocolate scoop which was amazing. If the other two had been chocolate, I’m sure I would have eaten them both as well.

After the meal, we left the restaurants with our massive goody bags and we all split up to go shopping. I ended up spending the rest of the day with Sophie and both of us don’t really know Nottingham at all so we basically went round in circles for about four hours, oops. We hit up MAC, Space NK and Boots which meant I spent quite a bit of money.

It was a fantastic day and I can’t wait until the next meet up which is this Saturday in Birmingham with a different bunch of girls. Blogger meet ups are always so much fun!