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Last week I was invited along to Tortilla which is situated in Grand Central, which is the newly opened shopping centre above Birmingham New Street station. As well as a new John Lewis, a Tiger and a MAC store amongst Grand Central’s shops, there’s also an impressive food court. I’ve only eaten at a couple of the places in Grand Central before and have always overlooked Tortilla in favour of restaurants that I already know and love, so it was exciting to try something new.

I took Tom along with me who is a big fan of burritos and we were greeted by the manager Mark who was really friendly and welcoming. Mark talked us through the different options on the menu and explained each ingredient thoroughly so we could decide what we wanted to have; he then made our burritos in front of us which was great – it’s always nice to see your food being prepared. We both went for large burritos with coriander rice, however I went for the barbacoa beef and Tom decided to have the carnitas pork. I then added some salsa verde and monterey jack cheese before Mark wrapped the burrito up in the foil.

I’ve never really had a burrito before and I didn’t know what to expect, I was very pleased with my meal (as you can see from the photo above where I’m gazing longingly into my burrito with half of my lipstick missing!) and will definitely be visiting again. The beef was cooked perfectly and I really enjoyed the coriander rice; I wish I’d had some sour cream and some jalapenos on my burrito now, but there’s always next time! Tom went all out with the black beans, onions and peppers and salsa so he ended up having to eat his with a knife and fork! I washed my burrito down with a frozen margarita which was delicious and refreshing, I highly recommend you try one!