My friend is getting married in two month’s time and it’s also my mom’s graduation around the same time, so if that isn’t an excuse to get a new dress, I don’t know what is! As there will be a different group of people at each event, I can get away with just buying the one dress and wearing it twice! I have looked at dresses for this wedding before but I still haven’t got around to choosing one. I’ve booked the hotel though, so that’s a start!

As both occasions are in July, hopefully the weather will be quite nice. I’ve probably jinxed it now by saying that but as long as it doesn’t rain, we can class it as nice in the UK! I don’t know about you, but for the summer I just really love florals and I think that a summer wedding is the perfect excuse to get out the floral dresses. Quiz have a lot of great going out dresses – as you can see I’ve been favouring the peachy coral colours when I’ve been looking through them and picking out my favourites. I think my favourite of the three that I have picked is the grey and cream one on the right. I just love the cami style and the detailing on the black. I also love the grey triangle background, it’s a bit different to the usual floral dresses yet is still really nice and would look smart.

What would you wear to a summer wedding?

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