Time’s running out for me to find the perfect dress for both my mom’s graduation and my friend’s wedding. I have just over two weeks until the graduation and I’ve been scouring every online shop trying to find the perfect dress that I can wear to both occasions. These three from House of Fraser designer dresses range look great; the navy blue lace dress would be fantastic if the weather isn’t so good and I could probably get away with wearing that one without a cardigan. The other two would be perfect for a sunny day, I especially love the peach dress in the middle, the cut of it is just so flattering.

I feel like every year I have a mad panic to get a dress for a wedding and I usually end up leaving it until the last minute and getting a dress that I’m not particularly happy with, so this year I’m making sure I get it sorted in advance. After all, my friends will have these wedding photos for the rest of their lives and I’ve got to make sure I look good so I don’t ruin the photos. It’s also important to make sure I feel comfortable all day, so I really have to think about what shoes I’m going to wear as well.

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