Mustard dressGrey dressFaux fur trim khaki coat – Oversized scarfBlack ankle boots 

It’s absolutely freezing outside at the minute; this morning it was -3 degrees so I put on as many layers as I possibly could for the commute into work and although I was warm, by the time I’d piled on my black faux fur coat, I looked like a ball with legs!

Just because it’s so cold outside, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look nice as you layer up; thick winter dresses like these two from Quiz clothing help keep you warm and look great with a pair of wooly tights and some fashionable ankle boots. I love yellow at any time of year but for the winter, mustard is just perfect and it goes really well with this khaki coat with a faux fur collar. There’s also a load of great pieces over at Ralph Lauren.

Accessories are really important when it comes to dressing for the winter, I can’t go anywhere without a scarf and oversized scarves are an essential – when you’re stuck on a frosty train platform waiting to get to work, you’ll be really grateful for a scarf that can double up as a blanket!

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