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Last week, I was invited to the Bullring’s Your 5 event for the autumn and winter to speak to a stylist. The Your 5 stand was set up next to Selfridges on the ground floor of the Bullring, as it was last time. I arrived and was assigned a stylist who took me around the five different key trends for the autumn and winter and talked me through each one. I then had to pick a piece from each section and the stylist took photos of them on her iPad and then emailed them over to me at the end of the session.

The five different sections were:

The Coat – I’m currently looking for a new winter coat and I found so many that I liked. Bomber jackets are still in for autumn and winter, they’re just a bit thicker and longer than the ones that were around in the summer. The coat I picked out was this green faux shearling biker jacket from Topshop.

The Knit – Again, there were so many different jumpers that I liked and I was surprised that the majority of them were from Topshop as I would never usually shop there.

The Wide Leg Trouser – I’m not a fan of wide leg trousers, as I thought they would make my legs look shorter and stumpier than they already are, however the stylist showed me a few different styles that would suit me and now I will definitely be trying a few pairs on.

The Skirt – I absolutely loved most of the skirts that were on the rail, but I especially fell for this green pleather skirt from New Look. It’s such a bargain at £19.99 and I will be trying it on a bit closer to payday.

The Boot – I think that boots are a must have for the colder months and I currently don’t have an everyday black pair, so it was good to have a look at the stylist’s picks. I found a couple of black pairs that I liked but there were also some gold ones from New Look that caught my eye.



Neon cami – New Look
Spotty midi skirt – New Look
Studded choker – ASOS
Platform boots – ASOS

It’s been a long time since I did an outfit post – I’m guessing it’s been more than a year. I broke my tripod and just haven’t been feeling all that body confident recently. I want to start doing outfit posts more regularly, however I now have to wear a uniform to work so I only wear my own clothes 2 or 3 days a week. I’m going to try to get some shots while I’m in Florida though.

Enough rambling.. this is what I wore to the Essence #BloggersBeautySecrets party in Cologne. We were told that we should wear something white or neon. At first I didn’t know what to wear, I ended up spending hours in Birmingham trying on an array of white and neon dresses but not finding anything that I liked. I ended up doing an online order from New Look and I bought several things to try on at home. I ended up settling for this neon yellow cami (the lighting in the hotel wasn’t brilliant!) and I paired it with this spotty midi skirt which I’ve had for years. It was definitely a good choice as it was really hot in Germany that weekend.

I’ve got a thing for midi skirts at the moment – I’ve ended up buying quite a few and have worn them a lot throughout the summer. I’m probably going to end up wearing them a lot when I’m in Florida – they’re just so comfortable and great for the hot weather!


Silk scarfEye iPhone casePastel pink satchel


After the major question of “What should I wear today?” has been answered, another question which bothers all the ladies is, “What accessories should I wear with my dress?” We all struggle with that, don’t we?

Even with the perfect dress in tow, we still might not always know what to accessorise it with, for the look should be polish off, but not too over the top. Here are our top 5 pick, for your accessories to work!

A SILK SCARF– Besides the fact that they make look extremely stylish, when in fact you’re out in the blizzard cold, they keep you warm. You could incorporate a lot pastel shades in your scarves and look your best when you are off to work.

A STATEMENT NECK PIECE–  This single element can make or break your look. You could go for long and thin chain or a tiny V-shaped one if your outfit is bright enough or go for a chunky one or broad choker if your are wearing plain Earthy coloured clothes.

STYLISH PHONE CASE–  Being a working professional, your phone is always inches from your side. So it would totally unfair if you do not accessorise it right. Make sure you get yourself a smart phone case, protect your device in style. Trending is the minimalistic look with semi-transparent cases.

SLEEK WATCH– A timekeeper is a must to make it to all those back-to-back meetings on time. A lot of women wear big watches now and small ones are not so popular anymore. There are a lot of  brands that produce beautiful and expensive watches. If you are going to work, there’s no substitute for one that’s gold. Silver and rose gold too looks pretty good. A Chunk big dialled watch with a black belt, goes well with a black outfit at work!

FUCTIONAL CARRY ALLS– Every chic professional should have a 9-to-5 bag. For a roomy work bag, not too bright coloured. You could occasionally switch over a chic pastel sling-bag if you are looking too plain in terms of clothing.

It in fact quite important for a woman to be at her best behaviour and her best appearance no matter how much the work pressure is. Make sure you take some breaks in between your working hours. Grab some tea, take a power-nap or indulge in a few fun online games, such as poker or bingo. With finding the right accessories to work you could rock you monotonous days at completely!