I’ve recently started a new job where I get to wear what I want – as long as it’s black (and smart, obviously). I had to wear black trousers and a black shirt when I worked in Primark and I think it’s the most dull outfit ever, so I refuse to wear the same at this new job which is more relaxed. I didn’t actually own a lot of black clothing when I started so I’ve had to go out and pick a few bits up – any excuse to go shopping!

I’ve mostly been wearing trousers, either black skinny jeans (which I picked up super cheap at Tesco) or these jacquard print skinny trousers which were an absolute steal at £10 and are amazing for adding a bit of texture to an outfit. They’re smart but also stylish as well. I’ve been wearing them with knitted jumpers or my fluffy cardigan which I picked up in Primark for only £12. I wasn’t sure at first but it’s so snuggly and warm which is an absolute lifesaver when you work in a shop and have to have the door open at all times. I feel like a big yeti in it and again, it’s great for adding texture to an otherwise boring outfit.

I’ve been sticking to either black long sleeved tshirts under my fluffy cardigan or I’ve been breaking the rules (rebel!) and wearing a different coloured shirt under a knitted jumper, so you can just see the collar popping out. Skater dresses are also a great idea if you don’t want to wear trousers as they also look smart. I’ve got a couple with peter pan collars that I like to wear to work as well.

Luckily, I own a lot of black shoes. My favourite ones to wear are ankle boots (I have a couple of pairs from Tesco) and these brogues which were reduced to £12.

What do you wear to work? Do you wear a lot of black?

Casio Watch – £24.75*, available here 

I love wearing a watch, I’ve spent far too long relying on my iPhone for the time and I forgot just how convenient wearing a watch is. I’m really picky with my watches as I don’t like to have anything that’s too blingy and I also have really tiny wrists so I can’t have anything with a huge face – I also always need to have the straps adjusted which is a pain and can usually cost up to £10.

I was sent this Casio watch from the lovely people at The Watch Hut and I’m so happy with it. It’s just the right size for my super tiny wrist, I was able to adjust the strap myself as well so it didn’t cost me a penny. It’s water resistant, so I don’t have to worry about splashing it when I’m washing my hands although I do always take it off when I’m having a bath, just in case. I also love that it has a digital display because it’s so much easier to tell the time off it at a glance. It also has a stopwatch and a timer on it which has come in handy when I’ve been cooking/baking!

I’ve been wearing this as my everyday/casual watch and I’ve had a couple of people comment on it and say how much they like it. I love the burgundy colour as it’s great for this season and it’s also one of my favourite colours which is convenient!

Foxes (real name Louisa Rose Allen) is a 24 year old singer from Southampton. I first discovered her when I saw her supporting Marina and the Diamonds in Wolverhampton last October and I immediately fell in love with both her voice and her gorgeous style. I’ve been waiting ages to get a chance to see her again and it’s finally going to happen on Friday in Birmingham, I’m so excited!

I love everything she wears, her outfits always look so stylish yet so effortless at the same time – something that I wish I could pull off. Her hair and make up is always perfect and I have to admit that she’s one of the main reasons why I got my fringe back. I’ve got terrible hair/face/wardrobe envy. When I saw her last October, she was wearing a Justin Timberlake/Christina Aguilera tour tshirt and she even looked good in that. To be honest, I think Foxes could look good in a bin bag.

If you’ve never heard of Foxes before, I recommend you get yourself on YouTube and listen to a few of her tracks. My personal favourite is Beauty Queen which is the first song that she performed in Wolverhampton and I had to wait seven months for it to be released!