A couple of weeks ago, the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham celebrated its 10th birthday and there were a number of different events on throughout the week. To celebrate the 10th birthday of the iconic department store Selfridges, there was an exclusive party held in the Moet Bar and Gallery Restaurant after hours.

I was invited along by the general manager, Vicki Cain so I dressed up in my best frock and went along with Sara, Chloe, Sophie, Tahmina and Heidi where we enjoyed an evening of cocktails and the most amazing minituar foods I’ve ever seen! We had cosmos and tiny (but very strong) mojitos in jars with paper straws, there were small bowls of lamb curry, rice and naan, I had the tiniest coffee brulee in a little glass and an miniature ice cream which was actually made out of strawberry flavoured ice cream.

There was a DJ providing the music for us while Sara and Chloe perved over the waiters who were bringing us the teeny tiny food. We were then treated to the real entertainment for the night – an opera singer with a difference – it was actually a man in a wig and a tutu! It was brilliant and I think we all really enjoyed it. At the end of the night, as if we hadn’t already been treated enough, we were each handed a goody bag containing a Diptyque candle! It was a brilliant way to celebrate Selfridges’ 10th birthday and I’m so grateful for the invite.

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