Although I’m glad to be home, I’m feeling very sad at the moment. On Friday night, my Nanny Molly passed away. We found out she had cancer about a month ago, but I didn’t realise just how ill she was. I almost didn’t go to the Brum Blogger Meet but my mom said she’d want me to have fun, so I went and it helped keep my mind off things. I was a bit quiet at the meet yesterday and that’s the reason why. I didn’t want to say anything and be a Debbie Downer but I did have a good time.

I didn’t take any photos yesterday, I just completely forgot I had a camera on me!
We started off in Starbucks in the Pallisades which must have looked very odd for people who were walking by. 20 girls, surrounded by yellow bags with “Hello my name is..” stickers on! We then took some group photos and then went shopping. We were given a few challenges to do. One of them was to find the outrageous head gear. Whilst in Republic, we came across this beauty. I ended up liking it so much I actually bought it! I didn’t win the prize, but I got a cute hamster hat out of it anyway.

After we’d been shopping (the only thing I bought was that hat, I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I’ve lost my shopping mojo!) we headed to Red Peppers in the Mailbox for a lovely meal. I had the Thai Chicken Burger which was delicious. I’d definitely recommend going there. After the meal, a few of us headed home and those who were staying out, went off to get ready for the night out. 
As well as great company and good food, we also got some goody bags! We got a lot of stares when we were walking around with our bright yellow Max C London bags!
From Max C London, I got a multicoloured sheer vest top and a lovely purple belt.

From Crown & Glory I got these lovely owl badges. They’re perfect for me!

From Motel (which was organised by Selina), I got this tote bag, tshirt, keyring, badge, a couple of stickers and Models Own in Gold Rush.

From (which was organised by Sara), I got this tote bag, skull scarf, floral hair garland, lip splash in Chilli Red and Caramel and nail polish in Deep Red and Pink.

From Clothing at Tesco I got this lovely peach coloured dress which I’m wearing today!

I had such a brilliant time and everyone was so nice!
Thank you so much to Fritha and Claire for organising it all. And to Char, Clare, Danni, Elizabeth, Elouise, Emma, Florrie, Gem, Gem, Hattie, Joy, Lily, Louise, Maria, MichelleRebecca, Sara, Sarah and Selina I’m so glad I met all of you, even though I didn’t get a chance to speak to all of you. I’m sure we’ll do something again soon! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s photos and accounts of the day!

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