My hair has been many different shades and styles over the last fifteen years. There was the time when I was at high school and was bullied relentlessly for having ginger hair, so I bleached it all and absolutely destroyed the condition of it, then when I turned sixteen I started to dye it red and eventually had it all chopped off into a pixie cut – both of these styles didn’t suit me at all and were huge mistakes.

For the past few years I’ve been embracing the ginger and dying my hair a nice coppery orange which I feel really suits me. When I was invited to the Bad Apple Hair Salon in Birmingham for a colour transformation, I had a think about what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to keep the orange as it’s so easy to maintain with my roots, but I wanted to have something a little different at the ends. For the past couple of months I’d been using a temporary dye from Bleach London just to colour the ends of my hair bright red but I was a bit bored of that, so after discussing it with my friends, I decided to try for a bright yellow. View Post

Although I live so close to Birmingham, the last train home is at 23:15 which means that when I go to a gig I often have to miss the last couple of songs to ensure I make it back to New Street Station on time. Once I get back it can cost me up to £15 for a taxi back to my house, so I was really pleased to hear that Birmingham was getting its own Easy Hotel with rooms starting from just £23.99. When I found out, I decided to book myself a room for when I was going to see Band of Horses at the O2 Institute – it was only going to cost me an extra £9 and it meant that I could stay for the full set and then be in bed with a Starbucks within 20 minutes of leaving the venue. View Post

Last week I was invited along to Chung Ying Central on Colmore Row in Birmingham. This is one of three restaurants in the Chung Ying group and I had never visited any of them, so I was excited to see what they had to offer. As soon as I arrived I was handed a Shanghai Rose cocktail which was absolutely delicious and contained vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee juice and rose syrup. I could have drank these all night, definitely a new favourite drink! View Post