I’ve had a number of different beauty box subscriptions over the past few years, at first I loved them and I discovered some of my favourite products from them, but I soon grew tired of receiving the same samples over and over again. First it was Glossybox, which I cancelled in 2011, then it was Birchbox which I stopped getting in 2016. I loved the Carmine box but unfortunately that didn’t last very long and after my second box, they stopped making them. I also loved My Little Box but I chose to give that up when I started saving for all of the holidays I went on last year.

At the end of 2016, I decided that I missed getting a monthly beauty treat through the post and started to have a look at the different options that were available. I’d heard a lot of talk about LOVE ME BEAUTY which is a monthly subscription with a difference – you’re able to pick your own products! Each month you are issued with 60 credits for a cost of £10 (plus £3.95 p&p) and you can spend them however you like on the items that are available for that month. You can also opt to add on more credits for a small cost or you can gain £21 worth of credits by using my referral code HAYLE7017685. View Post