L’Oreal Feria Paprika Power – MAC Rebel – MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15 – Nars Orgasm – NYC Bubblegum Pink – NYC Mint Macaroon – Real Techniques Blusher Brush – Boots 200 Clear Nails – Collection 2000 Look At Me – MUA Undressed Palette
Over the past couple of months I seem to be more into beauty and make up than I am clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I still love clothes and fashion but when I’ve had spare money, I’ve been investing in lipsticks and blushers rather than skirts and shoes. These are just some things I’ve bought over the past few days (oops!) on shopping trips in Winchester, Birmingham and London. I’ll be doing individual reviews of the products but if there’s any you’re paticularly desperate to see, let me know!
I’ve had a big sort out of all my clothes and I now have three big IKEA bags full of things I don’t want. I asked if any of you would be interested in a blog sale and I had a few emails about it, so I’ll start photographing things and hopefully that should be up in the next week or so.
I hope you’re all well!

Real Techniques stippling brush – Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple – Revlon Photoready Primer – Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polishes in Lemon Soda and Hip Hop

Yesterday was payday, so I thought I deserved a treat or two (or five!) after the stressful month I’ve  had with my dissertation deadline etc. I popped into Boots before work and took advantage of their 3 for 2 offer! I featured the stippling brush in my last wishlist and I was so pleased when I saw that they’d actually got them in. There weren’t many of the brushes there, so I was especially happy to see this and it was only £11.99. I also picked up the Revlon Photoready primer for £11.99, I’m hoping it’s just as good as my beloved Avon one.As my freebie, I chose one of the new Revlon Lip Butters in Candy Apple. I’d heard so much about these and was desperate to  try one. There weren’t many colours left in my local Boots, but I really liked the look of this one. I haven’t had much of a chance to try it yet but I’m seriously impressed with it so far!
After work, I went into Superdrug to get some hair dye (payday = byebyerootsday) and saw that the Collection 2000 nail polishes were on offer at 2 for £3. I really wanted some more spring colours and this yellow is gorgeous, the neon orange really caught my eye as well.
I will definitely review these products in the future. You’ll have to bare with me though as my laptop has broken and is currently in the laptop hospital. Thank god for warranty and insurance! I’m now stuck with using my slow old desktop which won’t even connect to my iPhone! I think I need my dad to have a look at it next time he comes down. I don’t have much luck with my electronics really.
I hope you’re all enjoying the unexpected sunshine this week! 

My skin has been in a terrible state recently. I don’t know whether it’s stress or hormones or both. Whatever it is, it needs sorting out. Usually my skin is quite normal with a few odd spots every now and then, but at the moment it’s really dry on my nose and between my eyebrows and I have quite a few spots on my chin. Not a good look! I’ve been ‘window shopping’ on the internet for skincare and make up which will hopefully make me look a bit better. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy anything until payday though. Boo!

I used to have the Cleanse & Polish years ago, but I lost it before I came to uni and I’d hardly used any. I remember it worked really well though, so I really want to try it again.

 I’ve also heard lots about this moisturiser, Wish Upon A Jar from Soap & Glory. You’re supposed to use it twice a day, for 21 days and it supposedly brightens up a dull complexion and helps to banish any blemishes. You then have to wait three months before you can use it again which means the pot lasts a long time.

I seem to have run out of primer at the moment and this Avon one is the best one I’ve tried so far. A little goes a long way and it really smooths out my face and makes foundation last even longer. I highly recommend it! I can’t wait until payday so I can get my hands on some more.

This Topshop nail polish is one I spotted in the Oxford St store when I was in London last week. It’s such a gorgeous vibrant green and would look great for the spring. I haven’t got a polish like this at the moment so it would be a welcome addition to my collection.

This lip tint is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not actually very pigmented but the packaging and the product itself looks fantastic! It’s a vibrant pink colour with tiny pieces of silver glitter which don’t transfer to your lips. I think it was one of Louise‘s videos that brought this to my attention.

After testing out the Double Wear foundation for a couple of months I’ve decided it’s now time to buy it. I started off with a sample in the shade ‘Bone’ which was far too yellow for my skintone, so I then tried ‘Ecru’ which was better but again, still yellow. Finally, a lovely SA in Harrods matched me up and we discovered that ‘Shell’ is the perfect colour for me. I’m currently using my samples of Ecru and Shell up but once they’ve gone, I’ll definitely be buying the full sized bottle. I’ve found that I only need to use a tiny amount of the foundation but it has a great coverage (even when I’m really spotty!) and can last through a whole 8.5 hour shift if set with a powder.

Honestly, I only want Hervana because it looks so pretty in the box. I really don’t need another blusher as I’ve recently bought two but the swatches I’ve seen on other blogs have made me really want it. The price puts me off a bit though, I don’t usually pay that much for a blusher.

Finally, I’m in dire need of a new brush to apply my foundation with. The Real Techniques brushes have caused quite a stir in the blogging world, so naturally, I want to try one. At £11.99 this stippling brush is reasonably priced and all of the reviews are good so far. I’m hoping my local Boots gets these in stock soon!

Have you tried any of the products I’ve featured? What do you think of them?