American Cream Conditioner – £4.45 available here

American Cream is one of the very first Lush products I bought when I first discovered the shop around seven years ago. At £4.45 for a 100g bottle, it is very pricey so it’s something I only buy as a treat. However, I do think it’s worth it every now and then.

The main thing that attracted me to this conditioner is the scent. It’s described as a “strawberry vanilla milkshake conditioner” which would usually make me avoid it as I hate the smell of strawberries, I was just in that must smell everything phase that you go throgh when you first discover Lush. I’m so glad that I gave this a chance because it’s gorgeous! I love how I can still smell it on my hair days later and for a while it used to be my signature scent and I even had the solid perfume to go with it. I once went into Lush with an ex and when he smelt American Cream, he said “Wow, it smells like you!” which I thought was hilarious.

As a conditioner, it’s not the best I’ve ever tried. It’s quite thick and does leave my hair feeling shiny and conditioned but isn’t any good when my hair is in a bad way so I tend to only really use this for the gorgeous scent. My hair is very thick and quite damaged though so it will probably work wonders on finer hair.

What do you think of American Cream? Have you tried it?

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