Okay, perhaps the title is a bit clickbaity but I have been effectively getting free makeup from Debenhams, so I wanted to tell you how I’ve been ‘earning’ these Debenhams vouchers just through online shopping. It’s easy peasy and it’s something I’ve spoken about on the blog before, however that was when I was just getting cash payments. I’ve since realised that you can make a little bit extra by getting Debenhams vouchers.. View Post

My hair has been many different shades and styles over the last fifteen years. There was the time when I was at high school and was bullied relentlessly for having ginger hair, so I bleached it all and absolutely destroyed the condition of it, then when I turned sixteen I started to dye it red and eventually had it all chopped off into a pixie cut – both of these styles didn’t suit me at all and were huge mistakes.

For the past few years I’ve been embracing the ginger and dying my hair a nice coppery orange which I feel really suits me. When I was invited to the Bad Apple Hair Salon in Birmingham for a colour transformation, I had a think about what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to keep the orange as it’s so easy to maintain with my roots, but I wanted to have something a little different at the ends. For the past couple of months I’d been using a temporary dye from Bleach London just to colour the ends of my hair bright red but I was a bit bored of that, so after discussing it with my friends, I decided to try for a bright yellow. View Post

Going natural is one of the hottest topics in beauty circles nowadays. Everyone wants to avoid those harsh chemicals in all our products, and going natural is the surest way to ensure that we’re getting the best quality for our hair that we can possibly afford. Not only is it better for our hair, but it’s also going to give us massive savings. You might spend a lot of money on expensive branded shampoos, but you usually won’t get your money’s worth and there are natural alternatives that will give you a better look for cheaper.

The secret to great hair is to follow a natural routine. Avoid the chemical-laden shampoos and conditions, and follow these simple tips to get beautiful flowing locks for a much lower price. View Post