A lot of us may take an hour or two to get ready before heading out to work. Aside from showering, performing our skincare routine with Aritaum, and getting dressed, applying our makeup can take a lot of time and effort. If you are looking to save some time so you can get to work in a hurry, here are some tried and tested makeup hacks for busy women or those who simply want to save some money:


Achieve the perfect wing with a business card

For a more distinct wing, use a business card and hold it against the corner of your eye at an angle you prefer. Use the card’s edge as a guide for your liquid eyeliner tip and flick gently. Apply on the other eye for a similar effect.

Heat your eyelash curlers

To curl your eyelashes quicker, heat your curlers with a blow dryer for a few seconds. Let it cool for before use. Start from the base and work your way towards the tip for brighter looking eyes.

Lock in your eye makeup with translucent powder

Make your eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyeshadow makeup last longer by dusting on some translucent powder. This helps lock in the product and prevent flaking. You can also dust on some translucent powder on your lips. For this step, cover your lips with a thin sheet of tissue and brush some powder over the paper, gently remove the tissue for a long-lasting effect.

Apply face mist for a quick pick-me-up

This step doesn’t necessarily have to start in the morning and can be done anytime during the day. For an extra boost of hydration, spritz on some face mist on your face and let the solution sit for a moment. Pat off excess formula with a clean face towel for a brighter complexion.

Handy lipgloss

Mix any eyeshadow color you like with a hint of petroleum jelly, apply on lips for plump looking lips.

Revitalize clumpy mascara

Drying mascara can be a pain, especially when it looks clumpy and can make your eyelashes resemble spider legs. For a smoother consistency, add a few drops of eyedrops or saline solution into the tube. Put in your brush and gently roll, avoid pumping since it can add bubbles to the solution that can make it clumpy.

Eyebrow stencil

For a quick eyebrow stencil, rub the tip of your eyebrow pencil on both ends of a tweezer, gently press it against your eyebrows without squeezing, glide it across your skin for a quick outline and immediately fill in your brows. This will give you instagram-worthy brows in no time!

Oil blotting sheets

Don’t have oil blotting sheets? Use clean and disposable toilet sheet covers and pat them on your skin.

Lengthen your eyelashes without mascara

This works especially if you run out of mascara, using the wand, dip it in some petroleum jelly and apply some on your lashes for a natural look. The clear gel also makes your lashes look dewy and soft.

Makeup setting spray

In a spray bottle, combine aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and water and seal. Shake it thoroughly to mix all ingredients. Spray some on your face after applying makeup to make it last longer throughout the day.

Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth

Embarrassing as this is, many of us may fall victim on ruining our smiles by having lipstick smeared all over our teeth. To avoid this from happening again, stick your finger in your mouth and close your lips. Slide it out slowly to allow it to catch any lipstick residue.

Easy teeth whiteners

Get a brighter smile by mixing baking soda and pure water in a dish, mix to form a paste. Apply on teeth using a toothbrush and let it sit for a minute. Rinse for noticeably whiter teeth.

Exfoliate lips

After brushing your teeth, rinse your toothbrush to remove any toothpaste residue. Make sure it is still moist and rub it gently against your lips to peel off dead skin cells. Apply lip balm to lock in moisture and layer it with lipstick for soft and kissable lips.

When it comes to apply makeup, many of us believe that it takes a lot of practice to become an expert. While this is essentially true, using easy hacks and DIY solutions can make a difference by cutting your time and budget in half. That way, you can enjoy applying makeup without the added pressure on looking perfect all the time.



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