Since I first got my hair bleached (just an ombre effect at the ends so that I can put a yellow dye over it) in the summer, I’ve been trying my best to make sure that I keep it in a good condition. It’s no secret that bleaching can really damage your hair and there’s no way it’s going to be in the same condition as it was when you’ve started, so until they start making a bleach that doesn’t damage your hair at all, people are going to keep coming up with new ways to look after it post-treatment.

One product that I’ve heard a lot about over the last year or so is Olaplex. Olaplex is designed to regenerate hair from the inside, leave hair strong and reinforced and is meant to make the colour last longer. It’s available as an in-salon treatment or you can purchase a bottle of the Olaplex Professional Hair Protector from Notino and use it on your hair yourself, so I thought that I’d get a bottle and give it a try.

Olaplex Professional Hair Protector is to be used once a week before shampooing. I usually apply it to towel dried hair, making sure I comb it through to ensure it’s covered all of the bleached areas and then I leave it to work its magic for half an hour while I have a bath or a shower. Since I started using this, I’ve actually bleached my hair once more to get it a bit lighter as I wasn’t happy with the original colour and I was quite worried how my hair was going to look afterwards; I didn’t want to end up with loads of split ends and have to have them chopped off when I’m trying to grow my hair longer again. Luckily, since I had been using the Olaplex once a week and have continued to do so for a couple of months, I can’t say I’ve noticed much more damage than there was when I had only had it bleached once.

Other ways I try to protect my hair are by washing it as little as possible – luckily for me, I can get away with just washing my hair twice a week and then I let it air dry for a bit before I used a hair dryer to finish it off. I try to use as little heat as possible on it, but I always apply a heat protector when my hair is still damp. One other product that I need to get hold of to improve the condition of my hair is a decent hair oil to apply primarily when my hair is damp but it could also be used when the hair is dry before or after styling. A good hair mask would also be a welcome addition to my hair care routine, I’d only need to use it once per week so a big tub would last a long time. I have naturally dry hair anyway, before it’s bleached or coloured so keeping it nourished and moisturised is really important.

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