Bath and body works candles

I was lucky enough to worth with Notino throughout 2018. This means that I was able to try out a lot of beauty products over the last twelve months. I’ve tried so many different brands, from high end to drugstore. I’ve been through more Bath and Body Works candles than I could fit in one photo and I now have some new firm favourites. These are new products to me, ones that I hadn’t tried before 2018. They are also the items that I will be purchasing again and again from now on.

Bath and Body Works candles

The first product that needs mentioning is Bath and Body Works candles. I am a huge fan of this brand. Ever since I went to Florida in 2016 and visited one of the stores, they have been my go-to for hand sanitisers and candles. Unfortunately, they are really hard to get hold of in the UK but luckily, Notino stock them. Over the course of 2018 I must have tried around 10 different candles from B&BW and I honestly haven’t been disappointed in any of them. My favourite scents so far have been Warm Vanilla Sugar, Mahogany Teakwood, Maple Cinnamon Pancakes and Bourbon Pumpkin.

As you can tell, I love anything food scented especially vanilla, cinnamon or pumpkin. The great thing about these candles is that they burn for hours and the scent fills the whole room. I haven’t had a bad one yet and I will definitely be purchasing these for years to come.

Bath and body works candles

Revolution Conceal & Define concealer

The second product will probably be no surprise to you if you have read any of my previous posts. 2018 was the year that Revolution came out with their Conceal & Define concealer. The whole of the UK went mad for it. It was sold out in stores and everyone was comparing it to the high end and expensive Tarte Shape Tape. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and I was definitely not disappointed. Since I first got this, I have repurchased it several times. I use the shades 0.5 (for my under eyes) and 1 (for everywhere else) which are great matches. I am also looking forward to trying the Conceal & Define foundation which is now out as well.

Cettua Clean and Simple exfoliating foot mask

This next product is a bit of a weird one. It’s one of the best things I have ever used but it is also really gross. If you have never heard of a peeling foot mask then where have you been? These are basically plastic socks filled with a product which you put onto your feet for up to 90 minutes. When that time has elapsed, you wash the excess off your feet and wait. And wait. And wait. After a few days (or up to a week if you’re me), your feet will start to peel. They are designed to remove all of your hard skin. It is both disgusting and fascinating.

Over the course of a few days, you will lose all of the top layer of skin from your feet. I find that it is best to soak them in the bath every couple of days to speed the process along. Although I haven’t taken any photos of this, my friend Kellie wrote a great blog post including photos. I have been using the Cettua Clean and Simple foot mask, which works great. You only need to use it once every four months or so. I last used one in around July so I am definitely ready to do it again!

Yope Vanilla and Cinnamon liquid hand soap

Finally, one product that I have loved in 2018 is hand soap. I find that a lot of hand soaps can really dry out my hands. Dry skin is something that I suffer from anyway. Washing my hands several times a day can definitely make it worse. I have tried a couple of different ones from different brands but I really love the Vanilla & Cinnamon hand soap from Yope. As well as washing your hands, this liquid soap also helps to keep them moisturised. This one is kept in our kitchen and I always use it when I am cooking. I have found that my hands haven’t been as dry this winter as they usually are. I think that I have this soap to thank for that.

What were your favourite products of 2018? Did you make any new discoveries? Have you tried Bath and Body Works candles?



  1. January 7, 2019 / 5:24 pm

    I’m desperate to try bath and bodyworks candles, I’ve never had one before but I’ve seen loads of good reviews.

  2. January 7, 2019 / 5:32 pm

    OMG I so need that candle! Bet it smells amazing!!

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