Going natural is one of the hottest topics in beauty circles nowadays. Everyone wants to avoid those harsh chemicals in all our products, and going natural is the surest way to ensure that we’re getting the best quality for our hair that we can possibly afford. Not only is it better for our hair, but it’s also going to give us massive savings. You might spend a lot of money on expensive branded shampoos, but you usually won’t get your money’s worth and there are natural alternatives that will give you a better look for cheaper.

The secret to great hair is to follow a natural routine. Avoid the chemical-laden shampoos and conditions, and follow these simple tips to get beautiful flowing locks for a much lower price.

Skip the hot water

If you’re showering and washing your hair with scalding hot water, then stop it! Hot water can quickly dry out your hair once you’re done in the shower. This is because it strips your hair of the natural protective oils that guard it against damage and keep it looking shiny and smooth. The correct temperature to wash your hair in would be lukewarm. It should be enough to create a warm sensation on your skin, but not enough to make you feel hot all over. Not only will it make your hair look better in the long run, but it will also help you keep your skin looking fantastic.


Wash infrequently

As mentioned before, your skin naturally creates oils that keep your hair looking great. Washing in hot water will strip these oils, but washing too frequently will also strip your hair of the same oils. Leave at least 2 to 3 days between each washing session to ensure you aren’t ruining your hair by over-washing it.


Skip the harsh chemicals

Sulfate is one of the most common chemicals to be included in your shampoos and conditioners. It’s used to lift dirt and oil off your hair to help keep it feeling fresh and new, but there is some research that suggests it can actually be bad for your hair. Although the studies aren’t conclusive yet, there’s definitely a difference between washing your hair in sulfate-free shampoo and chemical shampoos that are filled with the stuff. Since it strips the oils from your hair, it will eventually damage your hair and make it dry over a long period of time. Take a look at alternatives if you want the best care for your hair. A good place to start would be http://soundbodylife.com/best-sulfate-free-shampoos-and-conditioners/. It’s an article that explains why sulfates can do more damage to your hair and why it’s not worth the instant relief it offers.




Learn to brush properly

If you want to take great care of your hair, then you need to learn how to comb it properly. Avoid using bristle plastic brushes because it can generate static electricity and damage your hair. When brushing, make sure you brush the ends first to untangle your hair as much as possible. Once all of the ends are untangled and flow freely, you can then work your way further up to the roots and eventually brush the hair from root to tip. It’s natural to lose a few hairs when brushing, but you shouldn’t be yanking out entire patches of hair and making a mess on the floor. In addition, make sure you aren’t brushing your hair when it’s still wet. Your hair weakens when it’s wet, so take great care not to strain it immediately after a shower.


Don’t blow-dry

As explained above, heat is not a good thing for your hair because it can damage it in the long run. Avoid blow-drying and if you have to, make sure you don’t use a hot setting to speed up the process. Let it hair dry naturally if possible so that it naturally settles. Don’t try to speed up the process!


Healthy body leads to healthy appearance

As with most beauty routines, it all starts with your body. A healthy diet with lots of water and raw fruits and vegetables is going to do wonders for your skin. You can’t mask your unhealthy hair forever with products and chemicals. Keep in mind that your insides are reflected in your appearance, so if you don’t take good care of your health your skin and hair will ultimately look nasty and tired. Take a look at this informative article at http://www.eatthis.com/foods-for-healthy-hair to learn all about the foods you should eat (and avoid) for healthy hair.


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