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Now that my Florida trip is all paid off, it’s time to start thinking about spending money. I won’t need a lot for food as we have a Disney Dining Plan so a lot of it is included in the price of the package, so hopefully I will be able to spend most of my money on treats and souvenirs.

One of the places that I am most excited to visit is Sephora. I have only ever been to Sephora in France and that’s never been very exciting as all of the brands that they stock there are available in the UK, however in the US they carry so many more brands that we are unable to get hold of over here. I can see myself going a bit wild in store, so I’ve had a look on the website in advance and have chosen the products that I want to have a look at when I’m in s tore.

The most important product on this wishlist is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black perfume. I have the tiny 7ml rollerball version of this and it smells divine, so I have to get my hands on the 100ml bottle. I would also like to get a bigger rollerball version of it for my handbag. I love how so many perfumes are available in rollerballs – they’re such a great idea and so much easier than trying to carry a large bottle around for touch ups during the day. I would love to try the new Elizabeth and James Nirvana fragrances, they’ve recently come out with Nirvana Bourbon and Nirvana Rose, both of which sound amazing. If I like them, I will probably end up with a rollerball of each of them!

I’m obviously excited to try Kat Von D’s makeup line, despite it coming to the UK this month, so I probably will have already tried it by the time I get to Florida. Everyone raves about the Tattoo Eyeliner and the Liquid Lipsticks so they’re the two products I know that I definitely want to have a look at, I’ll also be checking out the eyeshadow palettes whilst I’m there though.

I’m just obsessed with highlighters at the moment and there’s so many that I want to try. I’ve heard loads about the Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighter in Champagne Pop, so I will be having a swatch of that and seeing if it lives up to my expectations. I’ll also be having a look at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palette as those are pretty popular at the moment – I’m not sure if all of the shades will suit me but I’ll give them a go before I make any judgement. Hourglass is available over here but it’s another brand I want to check out whilst I’m in the States and I would love to own one of their Ambient Lighting powders.

Too Faced products are available over here, but they’re slightly cheaper in the States so I would like to pick up one of their Melted Matte lipsticks and I love the colour of this purple one – I’ll probably end up swatching a few and falling in love with more than just this shade.

The last three things are a bit random – I have heard a lot about the La Vanila deodorant from YouTubers and I absolutely adore anything vanilla scented, so although it sounds a bit gimmicky, I think I’m going to have to pick it up. I also want to try out the perfumes they’ve got in their range as well. Finally, another thing I’ve heard loads about is the Sephora own brand face masks, so I will definitely have to try one out, I think I’ll end up picking up a couple to use while I’m in Florida and some to bring home too.


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