Since I got back from the US, I’ve been trying to sort my skin out. I’m not sure whether it was the air on the plane that messed it up or whether it was the humidity and heat once I was out there, but my skin has really suffered. As soon as I got to Florida, my skin was really dry so I made sure I exfoliated and used a sleep mask whilst I was out there which seemed to sort it out. Since then, I’ve been suffering with quite a few blemishes and have decided to introduce a few different products into my routine to try to combat these.

When cleansing, I’ve been going for micellar waters rather than using my usual hot cloth cleansers as they’re not as heavy. I’ve just discovered this one from Embryolisse which is very gentle and hasn’t broken me out further. To double cleanse and make sure I get all of the makeup and dirt off my face before bed, I’ve been trying out the Prevage anti-aging cleanser. Although I don’t have any wrinkles yet, I turned 27 whilst I was on holiday and I think it’s about time I start taking precautions! I’ve also been using the Prevage anti-aging eye cream along with my usual moisturiser to try to keep my under eyes hydrated as I noticed that they were one of the main places to get dry when I was away.

To tackle any spots that appear, I’ve bought out my La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I. which is a really good spot treatment, it usually helps to clear them up overnight or reduce them significantly. I always forget about this product until I have a really bad breakout then I bring it out again so it can rescue my skin. Another product I always forget about is the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm which I bought in Paris three years ago. It probably should be in the bin by now, but it still works just fine and it has been really helping my lips get back to their normal softness after the air on the plane dried them out.

The Prevage products and the Elizabeth Arden makeup bag featured in this post are part of a Gift With Purchase promotion that is on this month. 


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