There’s no doubt about it, technology makes life so much easier. Whether you’re at home or out and about, so many of us rely on technology to assist us with our day to day lives. I know that personally, I never leave the house without at least one digital device on me, sometimes even more than one. I always have at least my smartphone on me but I can also often be found with my tablet or laptop on my person as well. View Post

Everyone is familiar with TK Maxx, they’re in almost every town and city and it’s always my go to shop if I’m looking for a new outfit or some bargain cosmetics, but their sister company Homesense isn’t as well known. There are already 47 stores throughout the UK but on Thursday 8th June, Homesense is coming to Stafford. The new store will be situated on the Queens Shopping Park and will be creating 45 new jobs in the area. View Post

If you’ve got your first music festival coming up, you’re going to have so much fun. The first music festival is usually always the most magical. You don’t quite know what to expect, so you’re a mixture of nerves and excitement. However, once you realise how electric the atmosphere is, you live in the moment and have the time of your life! If you’re still a little worried, here’s what to expect at your first music festival:

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