Love Me Beauty, April subscription box 2017

I’m a little late with this LOVE ME BEAUTY post, I’ve already ordered May’s box but I thought I would get it up anyway. April’s picks were a no-brainer for me; since I signed up to LOVE ME BEAUTY, I’ve built quite a collection of Eco Tools brushes, so I couldn’t resist getting a few more. I also picked a couple of favourites from Kat Von D. If you would like to get an extra £21 worth of credits, you can use my code HAYLE7017685.

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Next weekend I’m going down to Winchester to see my best friend. I go down there quite often and we always have a lot of fun, but this time we’re both a bit short of cash so have decided to spend as little money as we can and still have a great time. Usually we end up getting piercings, going shopping in Southampton and going for a night out but that can start to get a bit costly. We’ve been putting our heads together and between us and have come up with a few ideas of things we can do. View Post

It’s true that decorating a room can give it a whole new lease of life but the secret to really personalising a space is in the finishing touches. My office used to be my brother’s bedroom and had bright blue walls and a union jack print guitar shelf along with posters of Hayley Williams from Paramore and more typical teenage boy paraphernalia. Since we painted the walls a nice, neutral magnolia colour, I’ve been collecting various bits and pieces to make it feel more suited to me. View Post