If you are still not ready for summer then you are seriously lagging behind, but fear not, because you can still be fully prepared for the sun before winter strikes back.

Sun, sea, festivals and beer gardens. Summer is truly the most glorious time of year when we can let our hair down and make the most of those long nights without a care in the world. Okay, almost without a care in the world (bills don’t magically disappear, sadly).

Unless you have been living under a rock the last 12 months, the news has done little to cheer us up, making a little escapism more than needed. If summer has suddenly crept up on you from out of nowhere (admittedly, we was still wearing our big thick coats just over a month ago), then you are not alone. View Post

When I visited Portaventura World in Spain in April, I had the best time. I love theme parks and I’m not scared to go on any rides, so as you can imagine, I went on quite a few in the two days that we had exploring the park. We stayed onsite and had as well as our park passes, we also had fast passes thanks to 365 Tickets. We went on everything from the smallest kiddy rides, to Europe’s tallest and fastest ride and I’ve put together my five favourites.  View Post


Bingo is a game that never fails to entertain its fans. We’ve all been playing the game since ages and turns out there’s no stop to it! From land to online, bingo seems to be adapting every new innovation that comes its way. For a reason, it’s good and who would not want to continue playing a game that’s so much fun?

Online bingo is a recent concept, not everyone’s got the hang of it, yet! Especially the beginners who are new to online bingo. It’s a great way to make a little extra money online. So, here’s a guide on what to expect from your bingo site before starting to play.

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