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Technology is constantly improving and it’s not just smaller and hand held items like phones and laptops that are getting better, it’s the technology within the home and also in cars too! When Volkswagen revealed that it was combining the Alexa Voice Service with Car-Net functions back in January, there was plenty of excitement around how the development will help move cars even further into the 21st century. I’m sure we all expected cars to be self-driving or even flying by now and although this is not the case, there are some amazing things that this new technology can do, including helping drivers to become safer behind the wheel. There has been a few significant changes in the UK road laws and this technology has proved to be so helpful. View Post

There is nothing more elegant than braided hair. Braids and plaits add a bit of mystery to the look of every woman or girl and can make her feel fantastic. Moreover, the number of compliments paid is becoming more and more common. There’s so many celebrities wearing pretty braided hairstyles these days and now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve even managed to master French plaits myself!

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So many people are making a concious effort to make better choices for the environment, whether that be by choosing to recycle or by ditching the car for a day – every little thing helps and will ultimately be better for the future. Cars are perhaps the worst offenders when it comes to pollution and damaging the environment which is why people are being encouraged to switch to cycling, public transport or car share. Although I don’t have a car myself, I have been making more of an effort to walk places rather than just ask for a lift, especially if it’s just a couple of miles away.  View Post