I’ve had a really tough week this week. I’ve been stressing over essays and exams and I got some bad news from home. I spoke to uni and I was give a longer extension on one essay and a concession for my exam which I sat on Tuesday (I wasn’t really in the mood to do an exam on death) so if I get a bad mark, I can just do it again. So, here’s Part 2 of Things That Make Me Happy.

Trips to London
Being back in Birmingham.
Proper coffee
Harry Potter
Bunny rabbits
My iPod touch

I’ve recently, through Lauren’s blog Noir Nouvelle, discovered LOVE. They have some really cute clothes and Lauren is doing a giveaway on her blog where you can win the LOVE dress of your choice! I was browsing through the dresses and I love most of them, but these are my favourites.

1, 2, 3, 4

I sense a bit of a theme here, don’t you? I think number 4 is my favourite and is what I’d pick if I won! I’m not sure if it would suit my colouring, but it is a gorgeous colour.

What do you think of LOVE? Have you ever ordered from there before?

Seeing as I’ve been a bit of a misery lately, I thought I’d do a new feature called ‘Things That Make Me Happy’ in an attempt to cheer myself up/make the blog a bit more interesting. Nobody wants to read about how stressed someone is over their essays or their housemates.

Cats, especially my own cat Patch
Trips to Starbucks, either on my own or with other people
Who doesn’t like Nutella?
Having fresh flowers in my room
Seeing Muse live