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I’m really excited because I’m eligible for a phone upgrade next week, which is perfect timing as my iPhone 6S has been giving me so many problems recently. I’ve decided that I want to go for the iPhone 7 plus, mainly because of the amazing camera, so this means that I need to get myself a new case before I go ahead and upgrade. I always like to have a collection of cases to choose from and at the moment, I have about six that I switch between, so I’m going to have to start stocking up if I want that many for my new phone. View Post

I’m really into my food, I seem to spend half of my time eating and the other half planning what I’m going to eat and I know that I’m not alone in this, us Brits really do love our food. Oldrids & Downtown, providers of dinner sets, have found out what our attitude is towards dinner (or tea depending on where you’re from) in particular.  View Post

We all know that I’m a fan of a UK city break – there’s nothing better than getting on a train and exploring a new city in your own country. You get to have time away from home and enjoy new surroundings but you don’t need to worry about exchanging currency, getting travel insurance or booking flights. Over the last few years I’ve had the chance to visit a number of different cities in the UK and I’ve put together my favourites. View Post